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Emet m'Tsiyon

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Father of Arab Nationalist Fake History Writes about the Assyrian Massacre

George Antonius is considered the father of Arab nationalist historiography. His propagandistic tract, The Arab Awakening, the writing of which was funded by American super-rich Judeophobe, Charles Crane, is still considered an authority on the subject by the sentimental pro-Arabists, captivated by the Arab mystique.

Here is what he wrote about the Assyrian massacre:
Nothing can excuse the acts of savagery with which the Assyrians were visited after their armed insurgence in the summer of 1933, and the massacre which took place is a shameful blot on the pages of Arab history. This does not alter the fact that the Government of Iraq had previously done everything in their power to meet all the reasonable needs of the Assyrians, and that the offers which they had made were not only fair but generous. The failure to come to terms was due primarily to Assyrian intransigence. . . [George Antonius, The Arab Awakening (London 1938), p 367]

Antonius is trying both to seem humane and decent, as well to support the Iraqi Muslim government. An exercise in doubletalk. How is that "Assyrian intransigence"! Almost sounds like they were Jews!
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Coming: The Baghdad pogrom against Jews in 1941; the British, the BBC and the Holocaust, etc.


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