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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gems of Peace and Pacifism -- Allusions to the Real World

The alliance of the most fervent pacifists with the very soldiers of a warrior society Jean-Paul Sartre
This was one of Sartre's comments on the pacifists who sympathized with Hitler and his Nazis, and thereby helped to bring about the Second World War [September 1939] and the Fall of France to the Nazis [1940], some even going on to serve in the Vichy government for the sake of peace. For more on peace movements [and the source of the above quote], see here. Today, self-styled pacifists collaborate with mass murderers and even with jihad warriors who have an explicitly bellicose and war-mongering ideology/religion. What else is Israel's "Peace Now Movement"?
- - - - - -

Just as Rome, the capital of a great empire, had a Temple of Peace, so Berlin, capital of warlike Prussia and --after German unification-- of the German empire, the Second Reich, had a statue of the Goddess of Peace. This was a greenish statue on top of the Brandenburg Gate.

A curious quote turned up in an article on the Peace Temple in Rome in the archeology and history magazine, Histoire et Archeologie, 4/84 #82 [1982]
The Peace Temple closed the Jewish Question for the West, at least from the territorial aspect.
- - - - -
"Agenda for Peace" -- a UN report published while the Egyptian, Boutros Boutros Ghali was UN secretary-general-- 1993 [see Jerusalem Post en Francais, 4(14-20] 1993]-- listed 48 hot spots around the world. The UN intervened in certain of these conflicts through "peace-keeping forces" made up of 80,000 troops, including UNIFIL, UNDOF, etc. Now, despite all of these wonderful troops heroically fighting for peace, the world still has wars. How come? By the way, some UN troops operating in central Africa have been accused of pedophilia, working through pimps --or acting as pimps-- for young girls among the local population that they had supposedly been sent to protect, etc.
- - - - - -

If Germany succeeds in taking --Marx wrote--
"French territory, there will then only remain two courses of action open to her. She must at all risks become the avowed tool of Russian aggrandizement, or, after some short respite, make again ready for another 'defensive' war, not one of those new-fangled 'localized' wars, but a war of races -- a war with the combined Sclavonian [Slavic] and Roman [French, Spanish, Italian, etc] races." [After Sedan- Second Manifesto of the General Council of the International Workingmen's Association on the Franco-Prussian War, 9-9-1870].
Note that Marx writes in terms of races, rather than classes. Although by race he probably means ethnic groups rather than literally referring to biological races.

- - - - - -
Mark Twain is unforgivable. How can we trust this extremist. Look at what awful things he said!
If we had less statesmanship, we could get along with fewer battleships. [Forbes 4 November 1985]
". . . embracing the peace process is the surest way to ensure [that] war will never end."
[London Times, 7-14-2000; summarized by J Rosenblum in Jerusalem Post shortly afterwards]
This quote is owed to Michael Gove. Can we honestly deny that the Arab-Israeli "peace process" has brought about more bloodshed, at least between Israel and the "palestinian" Arabs than prevailed beforehand?

When a NATO warplane sent to Kossovo, allegedly to protect "innocent" ethnic Albanian civilians from "brutal" Serbs, bombarded a convoy of ethnic Albanian civilians fleeing Kossovo, killing about 65-70 of them, the NATO spokesman expressed his regrets. One Jamie Shea, speaking in a thick and authentic Scottish burr [accent], put it this way [4-15-1999]:
The poilet dropped the bombs in gude faith
It would have been too much to expect this incident to have been remembered during the recent Israel-Hizbullah mini-war, when a group of civilians was allegedly killed in the village of Kana in Lebanon by an Israeli bomb.
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Coming: more on Peace, more on Jews in Jerusalem, Jews in Hebron, Figaro challenges the Grand Turk, etc.


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