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Emet m'Tsiyon

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Big, New Lies that the West Supported Israel & Zionism All Along & the USSR Was Opposed to Them

One of the major big lies about Israel today is that Western, imperialist powers like the United States and Britain always supported Israel and Zionism, whereas the Soviet Union was opposed to them. Indeed, the new USSR declared in late 1917, not long after the Bolshevik takeover in Russia, that it supported nationalist movements among Muslims against non-Muslim peoples in the Middle East and Asia. On the other hand, Britain's support for the Jewish National Home project mandated by the San Remo Conference and endorsed by the League of Nations, withered away as the British too, like the Soviets and Communists, came to support the Arabs, more surreptitiously perhaps than the USSR. However, in the 1946-1949 period, the Communists supported Israel as Jews fought the British, whereas the British fairly openly supported the Arabs. Here are quotes from an American Communist book at the time:
Israel, like the United States, was born in blood. . . [it] routed enemies vastly superior in numbers and arms. Again, as in our Revolution, aid from abroad, this time from the countries of socialism and transition to socialism [in eastern Europe], played a major role in bringing victory and freedom. [p 18]
The historic speech of the Soviet representative, Andrei Gromyko, before the United Nations General Assembly on May 14, 1947, ignited the imagination and the hope of mankind. He alone among the spokesmen of the great powers recalled the sufferings the Jewish people had undergone at the hands of the fascist hangmen. . . [p 25]
The UN proposed, but Anglo-American imperialism attempted to dispose after its own fashion despite the fact that the United States had participated in this solemn international decision. While Britain cynically set about to obstruct partition, create chaos, and incite bloody Arab assaults on the Jews, the American government's more oblique sabotage grew bolder. . . [A B Magil, Israel in Crisis (New York: International Publishers, 1950), p26]

This will not convince today's "Leftist" anti-Zionists, who are ordinarily immovable fanatics. However, the historical facts should be known. The anti-Jewish USSR decided to support a Jewish state for whatever reasons.
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Coming: more on Soviet support for Israel, Jews in Jerusalem, Hebron, peace follies, etc.


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