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Emet m'Tsiyon

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Buried Street of Second Temple Period Jerusalem Now Discovered

A while ago I referred to an important new archeological discovery in Jerusalem.
Here are excerpts from what the weekly newspaper Maqor Rishon had to say about the discovery:
In excavations in `Ir David [the original part of Jerusalem ruled by King David] one of the most impressive findings ever discovered in the city has been uncovered: A splendid, major street of steps from the Second Temple Period [from the Persian conquest till the destruction of the Temple, approx.] 600 meters long, that served pilgrims who went up from the Shilo'ah Pool to the Temple. Openings of the shops that have been revealed and the great magnificence of noticeable from the remnants of the street les the researchers to the conclusion that it was the main street of the city in the Second Temple Period. Beneath street level, drainage channels that fit what is described in the books of Yosef ben Matityahu [Josephus Flavius] have been discovered. Many findings have been discovered in the channels, including vessels and cooking pots with food remains. The archeologists estimate that the vessels served the besieged Jews who hid in the channels from the Roman soldiers during the Destruction [of the Temple = Hurban haBayit]. Also uncovered in the diggings were many coins from the time of the Revolt. Up till now, 30 meters of the street have been uncovered and the works at the site are expected to go for 3 years.
[Maqor Rishon, 1-26-2007]
(NOTICE that in the photo air tubes and supports for the tunnel have already been installed.)
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Coming: more on Jews in Jerusalem, on Hebron, oppression of Jews in Morocco, peace follies, etc.


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