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Friday, May 04, 2007

Azmi Bishara Stars as a Martyr in the LA Times

A few weeks ago we wrote in a post that Azmi Bishara was on his way to becoming a world class martyr, indeed, he is already being portrayed as the victim of a Jewish crucifixion. His lies about his innocence have now been picked up by the Los Angeles Times [see here]. The LAT thereby enlarges its place as a world class Judeophobic, pro-Nazi rag. Bishara was spying for the Hizbullah, which made clearly Nazi-like statements in the past, besides being the prote'ge' of both Syria and Iran, which both make Nazi-like propaganda, while Iran declares its intention to destroy Israel.

As a sample of Hizbullah pro-Nazi utterances, back in 1987, when elections took place in France, the results were not to the liking of Hizbullah officials and publications. As the French daily Le Figaro reported, one Lebanese Hizbullah paper blamed the results on the Jewish vote in France. The Hizbullah paper wrote: "The Jewish microbe is everywhere" [Le microbe juif est partout]. This statement equates Jews with microbes. It is a clearly Nazi-like utterance. Unfortunately, it was not given the attention it deserved in the world press. Now, this kind of paralleling of the Nazis makes the Hizbullah's description of itself as a Resistance movement --seconded by its many Nazi-sympathizing admirers worldwide [especially "Leftists"]-- especially absurd.

There has been a propagandistic attempt to identify Hizbullah with the World War 2 era Resistance movements. However, whereas those movements were anti-Nazi, the Hizbullah is itself Nazi-like in many ways. Some Hizbullah sympathizers asserted that it was all Israel's fault for occupying Lebanon or part of it. Not only did these sympathizers overlook the Syrian occupation of most of Lebanon, of much more Lebanese territory than Israel was occupying, but that Hizbullah was an agent and/or ally of the Syrian occupation, of an occupation by a state that made pro-Nazi propaganda, as well as an agent of Iran that did the same. Furthermore, somehow these sympathizers forgot that Germany, Austria, and Japan were occupied countries after World War 2, and rightly so. The Communist ["leftist"] Soviet Union occupied parts of Germany, Austria and Japan, the aggressor states of WW2, as did the United States. France and Britain only occupied parts of Germany and Austria. Would a German "resistance" movement against the Allied occupation have been justified??? The Left of that time called for suppressing any German resistance as Nazi. By the way, Russia, heir of the USSR, still occupies parts of Japan which it has annexed [northern Sakhalin Island and the Kurile Islands].

Now, Azmi Bishara gave military information to the Hizbullah Nazis to use against Israel, including target selection and rocket aiming advice, during last summer's war. But he shamefully lies in the LATimes article, denying everything. That the LATimes rejects Israel's assertions and accepts an Arab's lies is a sign of the LA Times' deep Judeophobia. In other words, the LAT says that the Arab should be believed, whereas the Jews lie.

Nevertheless, Azmi gives some info in the LAT article that can be used against his side.
I am. . . a citizen of Israel and was, until last month, a member of the Israeli parliament.
This statement is true. In fact, it flatly contradicts the lies of an Arab American citizen, one Michael Tarazi, who was [and probably still is] a PLO spokesman despite being a US citizen. Interviewed on an international TV news network, CNN or BBC, a few years ago, Tarazi said that as a Christian Arab, he could not be an Israeli citizen nor be elected to the parliament [Knesset]. This was a gross lie. Arab citizens of Israel --now numbering over one million-- have had the right to vote and sit in the Knesset since the first parliamentary election in 1949. There are Arab members in the Labor and Likud and Qadimah parties. There are also parties that openly claim to represent Arab national interests in Israel's Knesset. Whether such parties should be allowed to sit in the Knesset is another matter, but they are there. The Israel Communist Party was mostly Arab in membership and Azmi grew up in the party, which sent him to Communist East Germany where he studied German philosophy, that is, the Judeophobic philosophy of Kant, Hegel and others. Marwan Bishara, Azmi's brother, now holds a position at an international affairs institute in Paris, which I assume is funded by the French government. Marwan is a big supporter of his big brother. Marwan used to often appear on French TV several years ago, at the beginning of the mass murder war called the Oslo War or --by Arabs and their sympathizers-- the Al-Aqsa Intifada. Needless to add, but we do it for the record, Marwan too is a very big liar and that is what he was doing in his many appearances on French TV back in late 2000 and in 2001 and 2002. Both of them, like other PLO spokespersons, Hanan Ashrawi, Leila Shahid, Sa'ib Erikat, Michael Tarazi, are very big, very shameless liars.

In the early years of the now ongoing war [year 2000 on], various French TV outlets gave Marwan and Leila Shahid a platform for their lies. Now, the LA Times gives Azmi a platform for his lies. Does this indicate that Arab lies are a convenient pretext and cover for Western Judeophobia?

UPDATING: More on Marwan Bishara. A google search turns up various institutional connections: In the year 2000 he was at Le Centre Indisciplinarie de Recherches sur la Paix in Paris. He may still be there. However, more recently he turns up as a teacher of international relations at the American University of Paris. Then, he is or was also at Ecoles Des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris. He also speaks at conferences at Doha in Qatar before the Islamic Free Market Institute Foundation, no doubt collecting generous fees from the extremely democratic and tolerant shaykhs.

LATE UPDATING: French commentator, Michel Gurfinkiel, editor of Valeurs Actuelles, has supplied a summary of Bishara's career here in French.

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Coming: more on James Baker & US Middle East policy, Jews in Jerusalem and Hebron, peace follies, propaganda, etc.

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