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Emet m'Tsiyon

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

G8 Helps "Palestinian Authority" Instead of the Really Poor

Peace --the last refuge of the scoundrel [circa 2007]
Eliyahu m'Tsiyon

Just about everybody knows that international humanitarianism represents hypocrisy more often than not. The UN, for instance, founded to bring world peace, so its own charter states, more often than not promotes war, promotes oppressors, dictators, barbarians. So-called "non-governmental organizations" [NGOs] in favor of "human rights" or "peace" more often than not serve the partisan purposes of various powers, if not worse.

Likewise, the G8, the grouping of the eight major industrialized countries, chirp about peace and human rights and ending poverty and all sorts of goody-goody, sickeningly sweet things at their summit meetings from time to time. But the United Kingdom is active and influential within the G8 framework. And that right there should warn us not to take the G8 platitudes at face value. A G8 summit meeting was taking place in Scotland when the 7 July 2005 mass murder bombings took place in London. Tony Blair used the horrendous event to promote his own project of strengthening the anti-Israel "palestinian authority" [see our post of 7 May 2007]. After the bombings, Blair made a surprise proposal to add three [3] billion dollars for the "palestinian authority," to the funds already approved for the environment and the truly poor countries of Africa. The three billion USD$ for the PA would be the "best response to Islamic terrorism." Meanwhile, the whole of Africa was only allocated fifty billion. Compare the per capita contribution to Africa with the per capita allocation to the PA, which may have 1% or 2% of Africa's population. Further, much international funding had already been going to the PA, and in any case the poor in Gaza and Judea-Samaria appear as propsperous next to the truly poor in Africa, India, and various other countries often labelled "third world." Here is the Il Riformista report on this imbalanced funding.
Moreover, the Big Eight announced the sending of an aid packet to the Palestinian National [watani] Authority: three billion dollars to be distributed over the next three years. The news was greeted by various commentators as the announcement of a "Little Palestinian Marshall Plan" and as a signal of opening --joined with firmness against terrorism-- towards the Arab world. It means, besides, a figure anything but meager, even when compared to the fifty African billions, if one considers that the PNA [= palestinian national authority] counts less than 4 million inhabitants [whereas Africa has more than 300 or 400 million].
[Il Riformista, 9 July 2005]
Before the London bombings, the G8 had allocated 50 billion dollars for Africa. Afterwards, Tony Phoney proposed also allocating 3 billion USD$ to the PA. Compare, on a per capita basis much more is being given to the "palestinian authority" [almost a contradiction in terms] than to the truly poor in Africa and elsewhere. In fact, this situation goes back years, back to the beginning of the "palestinian authority."The situation has not changed since 2005. What explains this disparity?

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Coming: More on Jim Baker, Jews in Jerusalem and Hebron, peace follies, propaganda, etc.

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