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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Jimmy Carter Stole [Borrowed??] His Book Title from Arab Nationalist Liar

Just last November, Jimmy Carter published his notorious anti-Israel tract, Palestine, Peace Not Apartheid [November 14, 2006]. The book is thin on facts and has been widely deprecated for the falsehoods that it contains. It is interesting that Carter took his title from a book published by notorious Arab propagandist and liar, Marwan Bishara. Among other places, Marwan has written several viciously deceitful op eds for the International Herald Tribune, at least one of them using traditional Judeophobic themes, such as Jews as crucifiers.

Here are the titles of two of Marwan Bishara's books, which may be different versions of the same book:
Palestine/Israel: Peace or Apartheid, Prospects for Resolving the Conflict, published December 7, 2001, in paperback. Since then a slightly different title by Bishara was published on September 13, 2003, Palestine/Israel: Peace or Apartheid: Occupation, Terrorism and the Future, in hardback.

Here is a reader review on Amazon by a reader named S Sassoon, of the second title.
If you happen to be a Palestinian or relate to the media's version of a Palestinian Cause, looking to feed your fervor, this book is definitely for you. If you happen to have a pro-Israel stance and bear an intellectual capacity to distinguish between pseudo scholarly bias and nonsense, this book is also for you (you'll be able to cement your case). BUT, if you are someone with common sense looking for a somewhat truthful or dare I say historic approach to this sensitive material, than save your money and buy another book or take a class in Middle Eastern Affaires. This work is quite weak, tedious, and appears to have been fallen victim to horribly poor translation (there's no indication that this work has been translated, however, it's quite apparent by the outrageous use of language in the book that something's odd). Perhaps my opinion of this book might improve were I to read the Arabic version, should one actually exist, and provided the laughable content was in fact a blundering consequence of the translation.
Maybe it's just coincidental, but both Carter and Bishara have gotten payments from sources in oil rich Arab states. Bishara was a guest at a pseudo-academic conference in Qatar sponsored by the Islamic Free Market Institute Foundation. Indeed, Marwan seems to be associating with Free Market Neo-Cons. Can that be? For more on Marwan, see the previous post. Carter has gotten payoffs over the years --for himself and his Carter Center in Atlanta-- from various ultra-rich Arab sources. For instance, the Bank for Credit and Commerce International [BCCI, now bankrupt due to dishonest management] which was owned by the Shaykh and government of Abu Dhabi, and from the Saudi Bin Ladin Group. For the Bin Ladin Group's payoff, see the annual report of the Carter Center and also my earlier post. So it seems that both Marwan and Jimmy slurp at the same hog trough.

Marwan is the brother of Azmi Bishara, who was sent to Communist East Germany for a university education by the world Communist movement. Azmi later became a member of Israel's parliament [Knesset], where he specialized in Arab nationalist demagoguery, sometimes disguised in a Stalinist-democratic garb. He is now the subject of an investigation for espionage on behalf of Hizbullah, Iran, and Syria. Of course, I do not have access to facts uncovered in the investigation, but some of Bishara's offenses were committed very publicly and blatantly. He traveled to Syria and Lebanon on several occasions, including the funeral of Syrian butcher Hafiz Assad. He praised Assad and the Hizbullah, encouraging the Hizbullah and other Arabs to attack Israel. This is not a secret. Films of his treasonous statements made in Syria and Lebanon were shown on Arab TV and afterwards on Israeli TV. He even traveled to Lebanon during last summer's war between the Hizbullah and Israel. This was obvious and open treason. After Israel's parliament, the Knesset, had removed Bishara's parliamentary immunity several years ago so that he could be prosecuted for his earlier acts of betrayal, the Supreme Court, under the scofflaw, pro-fascist Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Aharon Baraq, declared that his treasonous incitement in Syria was no more than the legitimate use of a Knesset member's duty to represent his constituents, who were Arab nationalists, of course. Now, Azmi has the hutspeh to portray himself as a saint crucified by the Jews, going so far as to equate himself with Capt. Alfred Dreyfus, a Jew persecuted on false charges of espionage more than 100 years ago [see here for LATimes op ed]. But in Bishara's case, much of the treason was done openly. While he identifies himself with Dreyfus, for propaganda purposes in the West, crude Judeophobic propaganda is regularly published and broadcast in the Arab world, such as the blood libel, and Jews in general are defined as traitors by nature. Before we forget, let's recall how Azmi denied the well-documented Arab collaboration in the Holocaust.

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Coming: more on James Baker, peace follies, propaganda, Jews in Hebron and Jerusalem, etc.

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