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Emet m'Tsiyon

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Melanie Phillips Understands that Judea-Samaria Are Not "occupied"

Melanie Phillips has written three hard-hitting posts on her blog about the international legal status of Judea-Samaria and of the Land of Israel as a whole. This must be the first time in a long time that any mainstream journalist in the United Kingdom has been able to exercise historical memory going back to the true legal status of the Land of Israel established in 1920. It takes a great deal of honesty and integrity to overcome the legacy of BBC & the Guardian & the Independent's slander of Israel that has been going on for so many years, overcoming the legacy of Christopher Mayhew and Robert Fisk and Tom Paulin and so many other scribblers. Here are her three posts: here & here & here.

The fact that the League of Nations recognized the Jewish National Home principle, embodied in the Mandate to the United Kingdom to rule the Land of Israel, has been conveniently forgotten by Israel's enemies, not only among the Arabs but in the West. The mainstream media go along with the intentional forgetting, which shows us how ignorant or deceitful they are. Now, the Jewish National Home was embodied in the Mandate and Britain was committed to fulfilling this international mandate. Which it deliberately refused to do, such refusal being embodied in the 1939 "White Paper on Palestine," which was found in violation of the Mandate by the League's Permanent Mandates Commission. Then after World War 2 the international commitment was forgotten. What does this mean? It means that Israel and the Jewish people in general cannot trust the "international community," including the West, to fulfill or comply with the commitments that they have made to Israel and Jews generally. For instance, Norway, the state that mediated the horrendous Oslo Accords [resulting in the deaths of thousands of Jews and Arabs], has recognized the Hamas government of the "palestine authority" that openly rejects those Oslo Accords, declares its intention to make war on Israel forever until Israel is destroyed and will not even pretend to recognize Israel's rights. Thereby, Norway openly exposes its own bad faith. We have called for expelling the Norwegian ambassador from Israel and reducing its representation here to the charge' d'affaires level. The main thing is Norway's contempt for its own ostensible "peace efforts."

Other worthwhile articles on the international legal status of the Land of Israel are found here & here. Also look at a long list of articles on this subject on the Israel White Paper website.
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Coming: More on James Baker, peace follies, propaganda, Jews in Jerusalem & Hebron, etc.


  • Hi Eliyahu
    Thanks for paying a visit recently to 'Point of no return', my blog. Would be glad to exchange links.
    I have a favour to ask of you since you are engaged in Hasbara and live in Jerusalem: a few days ago two appallingly anti-Israel documentaries were screened on Channel 4 in the UK. One alleged that when the Mughrebi (Moroccan) quarter next to the Kotel was cleared in 1967, one old woman died in the rubble.There was no mention that Israel compensated any of the evicted residents. Can please you confirm what the true facts are? I can't find any information on Google. Many thanks for your help.

    By Blogger bataween, at 11:32 PM  

  • I know the location of course. Some of the Mughrabi Quarter houses are still in place and inhabited by Arabs, those on top of the hill. What that TV show probably didn't tell was that over the centuries, Jews praying in the alley [which can be seen in old 19th century photos and prints] were often harassed by Arabs. In the 19th cent. sometimes rocks were thrown down on them from the Temple Mount, sometimes they were harassed by Mughrabi Quarter residents. By the way, some earlier posts on my blog show the Kotel [Western Wall] in the 19th cent. with a relatively narrow prayer space boxed in on one side by Mughrabi quarter houses.

    As to what happened in 1967, I don't know specifically what happened or if the tale of the old woman is true. It sounds made up to me, but I can't prove it. Did the TV show mention that during the 19-year Jordanian occupation, Jews could not enter the kingdom of Jordan, period, and certainly not to pray at any Jewish holy site??
    You could read the Jerusalem Post issues for June 1967, which would probably tell something about the events around the Kotel. Meanwhile, I'll ask around.

    I've located an article that tells something, inter alia, about Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem outside the Old City that were occupied by Arab forces in the war and the Jewish inhabitants driven out. Here is the link:

    Let me hear from you with more about this topic.

    By Blogger Eliyahu m'Tsiyon, at 12:47 AM  

  • Thanks Eliyahu. Would appreciate further info if you come across any. Of course the documentary did not mention that the Jews were harrassed, although it did mention that Jews were cut off from their holy places during Jordanian rule. The films (and Melanie's post was in response to the second of the two) tried to be scrupulously balanced between Jewish and Arab claims - the trouble is we don't know which claims were made up!
    I did see and posted the Green article on my weblog a week or so ago. We really need more such articles.

    By Blogger bataween, at 3:05 PM  

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