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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Arabs in Gaza Want Israel

The title of this post does not fit the usual mass media and "leftist" propaganda in the West. According to the usual picture put forth by the media/Left/diplomats, the Arabs in Gaza, Judea & Samaria are eager to be rid of Israeli control or "occupation," to be ruled by Hamas or Fatah --according to taste-- and to establish their own state, a "Palestinian" state, although there was never a "palestinian" nation or state in history. However, Fatah and Hamas both of them supported by Western powers to one extent or other, yet bitter rivals for power and the pecuniary goodies provided by Western and Arab support, have created chaos within Gaza by their internecine combat. This has led many Arabs to feel that they were better off when Israel ruled Gaza and to even wish that Israel might return and rid them of their homegrown tyrants and nemeses.

Prof. Richard Landes at the Augean Stables blog, has written up this subject with a goodly number of quotes. A video showing a Gazan Arab uttering a wish for Israel to come back and rule Gaza appeared on Youtube about a week ago. I found the following in the Israeli daily newspaper Yisraeli, of 31 May 2007. The Israeli reporter Guy Tsabari interviewed the Gazan Arab journalist Sami Musa. Here is what Musa had to say:
. . . The difficult economic situation is causing many Palestinians to long for Israeli rule in the Strip. The functionaries of the [palestinian] Authority have not received salaries for a long time now. Goods are running out in the grocery stores and markets and the stock is not being renewed, because the purchasers don't have anything to pay with. . .
. . . From an economic standpoint, things were much better before implementation of the Oslo Accords. . . The Palestinian workers worked in Israel and brought a lot of money into the Strip, our teachers worked for the Israeli Ministry of Education, and even the Gaza municipality received budgets from Israel. Today we don't have any of this. . .
Although the various nationalist/jihadist groups have brought wreckage into the lives of the Arabs in Gaza and Judea-Samaria, despite the huge sums --the billions-- of Western, Japanese, and Arab money that have come into the palestinian authority zones, into the hands of Fatah, PA, and Hamas leaders, the West continues to support these gangs. Several previous posts here have shown that the UK government under Tony Blair has worked to advance the Hamas. Quisling Norway too favors the Hamas. The EU, however, officially disapproves of Hamas and favors the old PA/Fatah leadership of Mahmud Abbas, Abu `Ala'a, Dahlan, etc. The US State Department seems especially sweet on Muhammad Dahlan, himself a murderous thug. If the Hamas were less stubborn, they could have had the open support of most Western states and the EU, and still kept the Nazi-like clauses of their Hamas charter. Article Seven of the Hamas charter repeats an old Muslim fable, a hadith [tradition] from a thousand years ago or more. At the End of Days, the Muslims will fight the Jews. The Jews will hide behind rocks and trees. These inanimate objects will call out: O Muslim, a Jew is hiding behind me. Come kill him.

And Western governments, including Norway that has Jewish blood on its hands, support the Hamas, although most Western states are not as blatant as Norway, nor as diplomatically active in promoting the Hamas as the UK has been [in addition to UK tolerance for jihadists generally]. One sometimes wonders whom the Arab terrorist factions, Hamas & Fatah & the rest are meant to represent and to help, the Arabs or the West.

By the way, internecine combat among palestinian Arab factions, groups, gangs, and movements has a long history. For instance, in July-August 1978 hundreds of palestinian Arabs were killed in internecine combat in the southern Beirut neighborhoods of Sabra & Shatila & Burj al-Barajnah. In one case, one faction bombed an apartment building in which a rival faction had its offices, in an effort to wipe out the leadership of that other faction. In these actions, hundreds of non-combatants were killed. Of course, the anti-Israel media find it necessary to forget about these incidents of intra-Arab fighting, the better to smear Israel.
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Coming: Jews in Jerusalem and Hebron, more on James Baker & US policy towards Israel, peace follies, propaganda, etc.

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  • The Mufti of Jerusalem recently issued an islamic fatwa against Arabs leaving "Palestine", because so many are interested in leaving. They want to go- all they need is a little encouragement from Israel.

    P.S. I'll link to you if you link to me.

    By Blogger Avi, at 10:13 PM  

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