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Emet m'Tsiyon

Sunday, June 10, 2007

UK-Arab Relations -- Everything's Cozy When the Cash Flows Freely

Let's see what the Brit "Left," so quick to falsely claim that the West favors Israel over the Arabs, will do with this story. British weapons manufacturers sold $85 billion of killing devices to the Wahhabite Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the process, they paid a $2 billion kickback to Prince Bandar for facilitating the sale. Now, $85 billion is a fairly nice sum, even for a rich, capitalist, imperialist country like the United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Here is an AP piece on the story and here a BBC report. The AP and BBC report disagree on the amount of the sale. The AP has $85 billion, while the BBC has only 40 billion pounds sterling, which is less than $85 billion --but only by five or six billion bucks, depending on the dollar-pound rate of exchange which changes from day to day. What are a few billion bucks between friends??

Tony Blair has claimed that the huge weapons sale to the Wahhabite Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was a "strategic interest" of the UK. Tony said this while justifying the quashing of the investigation into the kickback. Tony ought to change his name to Tannous Abu Liar or Antoun bin Kazabin.

It seems that Debbie Schlussel is the only one [among AP and BBC] that remembered that Prince Bandar was Saudi ambassador to the USA at the time of 9/11 and that Bandar's dear wife, Haifa, gave financial aid to two of the 9/11 "activists."

One doubts that the Brit or US "Left" [such as the avowedly Marxist publication, Monthly Review, which has favored "economic" explanations for social and political phenomena] will be led to perceive who really has the big bucks and who really can bend foreign governments to its will --or their will. Somehow, the "Left" will avoid the fact that the Saudi-British relationship is a "strategic interest" of "capitalist, imperialist" Britain. It seems that the "Left" serves to conceal the true British attitude toward Israel. One wonders why.

UPDATING: Here's a little gem of an article that demonstrates just how great Bandar's influence has been in Washington. But the info in this article will not change the paranoid fantasy of the "leftist" Judeophobes that Israel and AIPAC control the USGovt.
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Coming: Jews in Jerusalem and Hebron, peace follies, propaganda, Jim Baker and US policy towards Israel, etc.


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