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Monday, August 06, 2007

"Peace Conference" on the way; Can War Be Far Behind?

Abu Mazen -terrorist master in a suit- claimed that George II and Condi have promised him a state of his own. Despite all the proof given by Abu Mazen and his Fatah gang and Hamas and the other Arab-Palestinian terrorist gangs that such a state could only be a base for intensified terrorism against Israel, as well as a socioeconomic disaster for its own people, Bush and Condi insist that there must be such a state and that an "international conference" is the way to achieve it. Abu Mazen reported the promise in an interview with Maariv, one of Israel's finest fishwrappers. Then Condi came to Israel and made the promise more public. She said that Israel was ready

to discuss the fundamental questions for the creation of the Palestinian state. . . The word "fundamental" speaks for itself. The desire to achieve a solution through the United States seems common to both parties (El Pais, " August 2007)

In other words, this conference is to have a foreordained conclusion. It will not be one conducive to peace, to be sure. It must lead to a another Arab-Muslim state, one to be called "Palestine." But does the likelihood of more and more intense war ensuing from such a state matter to that impassioned species --we don't say fanatic in order to be polite-- that promotes and lives off of "peace conferences." By the way, another peace nut, Miguel Moratinos, invaded Lebanon in order to bring all the fellows there together --all together now, boys-- eventhough someone in the Spanish foreign ministry must know that various outside actors long-interfering in Lebanon do not want peace there, and that Lebanon's various and sundry communities and factions have often been at daggers drawn.

Of course, Uncle Sam thinks that selling weapons to everybody in the Middle East is a great way to promote a future peace. El Pais rightly claimed that this would enrich the weapons manufacturers. Duh.

Meanwhile, the unspeakable olmert, Israel's worst prime minister ever, is happy that "the United States is aiding the moderate Arab countries. . . against a common enemy, Iran." [El Pais, 30 July 2007]. I hope we don't wake up to find out that the Arabs' common enemy is Israel, as always.

Despite all this, nutty professors, like one Norman Birnbaum of Georgetown U in Washington, DC, the favorite university of the State Department, complain that the "Israel Lobby" controls Bush and his foreign policy!!! [El Pais, 5 August 2007]. It seems that our deep thinking scholar Norman has never heard of the oil lobby or the Petro-Diplomatic Complex, nor does he even sense that such a phenomenon exists.

To demonstrate that Bush is not controlled by the Israel Lobby, we may point out that George Bush II is the first American president to have come out in favor of another Arab-Muslim state to be called "palestine." This hardly indicates Israel Lobby control of Bush, of the White House, of the State Department, the CIA, or of Madame Condi who seems lately to have lost the intelligence that seemed to characterize her during Bush's first term, before she came to the State Department. Condi not long ago demonstrated her own hatred for Israel, or maybe her obseesion with power politics, big weapons contracts and perhaps some nicely paid speaking engagements in Abu Dhabi or Dubai after she is out at State. She recently told a Congressional committee that the Hamas jihadists and Judeophobes were a "resistance movement." Indeed. It's all a matter of definition. Then, Bush and Condi have seen to it that Abu Mazen and his Fatah terrorist pets get more money and weapons from Uncle Sam. Olmert, being the crook and swindler that he is, facilitated the transfer of weapons to Fatah, doing Bush's bidding.

We may ask what have past Arab-Israeli "peace conferences" led to in the past? If you don't know that they have facilitated more bloodshed, more killing, more tears, then you don't know your recent history. Maybe Bush & Condi & Moratinos don't know this history either. While Moratinos' European Union gives the PLO government of Abu Mazen about 1/2 billion euros per year [and that ain't hay], thousands of homeless people sleep in the streets of Paris, and probably in Madrid too.

And all this devotion to peace, while exponentially increasing US weapons sales to the Middle East, is in favor of creating a state for a people that never existed in history. There never was a "palestinian people" in history nor a "palestinian state." The very notion of a "palestinian people" seems to have been the invention of psychological warfare experts, apparently British. Does such a people deserve a state when they really deny that they are a separate people. The PLO is pan-Arabist, whereas Hamas is pan-Islamist.

It's funny isn't it, that kooks like Professor Emeritus Norman Birnbaum pop up with such lies [or fantasies, to be polite] just when Washington, DC, is aiming to harm Israel by extracting "concessions for peace"?

Professor Francisco Gil White, fired from the University of Pennsylvania for pro-Israel positions, has recently argued that the CIA has been anti-Israel for a very long time.

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Coming: More -- in a few days, when I'll have more time for blogging.


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