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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Olmert under Second Criminal Investigation -- It's about Time

Ten years ago, Hirsh Goodman, editor of the Jerusalem Report, wrote this of Olmert:
Ehud Olmert, truth be told, is one of the sleaziest and most cunning politicians this country has ever seen. . . Olmert is calculated, ruthless, corruptible, vindictive, and blindly ambitious. [Jerusalem Report, 10-16-1997; p 64]
Yet, Condoleeza [sleaza?] Rice, US secretary of state, now wearing the shoes previously worn by Dean Acheson, John Foster Dulles, William Rogers, Henry Kissinger, and Madeleine Halfbright --enemies of Israel all-- wants to bring this illegitimate office-holder to an "international conference for peace" in the Middle East. I wouldn't mind if Olmert went to such a conference, provided that he was not representing Israel. Now, the attorney general has just officially recommended a second criminal investigation against Olmert. What charges face Olmert now? What is he being investigated about? He was already under investigation for trying to manipulate the privatization sale of Bank Leumi [which the government took majority possession of after the bank crisis of 1984] in order to help a friend purchase the profitable bank. This was while he was finance minister. The new charge is that Olmert --while he was mayor-- was enabled to buy an expensive home in Jerusalem for $480,000 below market price from a building contractor. In exchange the contractor received special favors from officials in the Jerusalem municipality, allowing him to violate building ordinances [zoning laws].

Many Knesset members called on Olmert to resign immediately. Zevulun Orlev, chairman of the state control commission of the Knesset, pointed out that in a properly functioning state, a prime minister under criminal investigation resigns. Echoing Hirsh Goodman's words of 1997, MK Aryeh Eldad of the National Union Party, said:
Olmert is the most corrupt prime minster that Israel has ever had
None of this seems to move Condoleeza Rice [Signorina Riso Amaro] or Prez Bush. The Arabs ruling the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian Authority zones in Judea-Samaria are far from having come to terms with Israel's existence. The Hamas frankly keeps on saying that it wants to destroy Israel. Abu Mazen, the terrorist in a suit, is coy, pretending to be for peace when he meets Western leaders, but encouraging terrorist murders of Israelis. He has not fulfilled the condition of the Quartet that the Palestinian Authority disarm the armed terrorists ["militias"] in its zones of authority. There is no chance in the foreseeable future for real, lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The Hamas makes less of a pretense than Abu Mazen. Israeli forces operating in Judea-Samaria and Gaza regularly arrest Fatah terrorists, as well as would be mass murderers of the Hamas, Islamic Jihad, "Popular Resistance Committees," Popular Front, etc. Mass murder attacks planned for the Yom Kippur holiday were foiled.

On the eve of Yom Kippur, during the fast, gangs of Arabs marched on the Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood in Jerusalem. Fortunately, young Jews were there to stop them, although the battle did not get beyond the stone-throwing stage, as far as I know.

Yet Condi and George and assorted disturbers of the peace like Javier Solana and Tony Blair claim that conditions for peace now are in place. At this point, let us bear in mind that the West oppressed the Jews for nearly two thousand years since the Roman destruction of Jerusalem while crushing two Jewish revolts, once in 70 CE, and a second time in 135 CE. The Arabs/Muslims have oppressed Jews since the early days of Islam, about 1300 years ago, according to testimony in Muslim writings. How can either the Western or the Islamic governments be assumed to be in favor of peace with or for Israel given that long historical background???

Let's go back to Hirsh Goodman in 1997:
Olmert is bad news. One just has to look at his personal record to know it -- from the cloud surrounding his personal property [= real estate] deals to his lastest clash with the law over alleged irregularities in campaign financing. His political record is no better. Suffice it to say that he entered the Knesset as its youngest member in 1974 and made a name as a fighter against organized crime. Ever since, he has been repeatedly questioned for alleged violations of the law, culminating in his current trial from which he may walk away judged not guilty but with yet another stain on his character.
Olmert is a man to be watched and feared.

The good news is that other charges already face Olmert and have been and are being investigated by state bodies, although only the two mentioned are officially under criminal investigation -- so far. On the other hand, Condi and George and the Quartet think that Olmert can legitimately negotiate for Israel at an international conference which probably has no other purpose than to weaken Israel and ready the Jews for another "Final Solution," for which purpose Ahmadinejad visited Columbia University and the British university teachers union called for a boycott of Israeli universities, although they had never done so for universities in Islamofascist Pakistan, for instance, or in the genocidal Sudan or Saddam's Iraq or the old Soviet Union or in Britain itself on account of the UK's offense of occupying parts of Iraq. It is curious, isn't it, how the anti-Israel and Judeophobic rants of the Islamofascists [like Ahmadinejad] and parts of the "left" and "right" fit in with the policies of Establishment politicians and diplomats like Blair & Bush???
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Coming: a Jewish artifact in the hands of the Institute of the Arab World; Are Bat Ye'or & Robert Spencer reincarnations of Karl Marx?; Jews in Jerusalem, Hebron, the Land of Israel, peace follies, propaganda, Artistes et autistes pour la paix, etc.


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