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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bush's Security Paramount --- Jews Not Allowed to Be Secure by Bush & Condi -- Thousands of Arabs under House Arrest to Protect Bush

UPDATED 1-10-2008 & 1-11-2008 & 1-12-2008 & 1-15-2008

Double standards and hypocrisy are long-standing commodities in international politics, even the US State Department engages in it. But hypocrisy reaches new heights in the falsely named Israel-Arab "peace process." Condoleeza Rice, US secretary of state, demands that Israel implement an anti-Jewish, racist policy of preventing Jews from building homes in Judea-Samaria, the heart of the ancient Jewish homeland, conquered and usurped by Arabs, where Arabs/Muslims imposed racist-like, apartheid-like subjugation on Jews [= dhimma]. Arabs too join in this effort today, demanding that the USA, supposedly dedicated to human equality, forcefully impose racist restrictions on Jews. The irony of Rice's position --as a Black woman-- is obvious. However, she is not stating a personal position but rather that of the State Dept which has always been anti-Israel. Indeed, she seems to have taken on robotic qualities since becoming secretary of state.

Another act of US hypocrisy is that thousands of Arabs in Ramallah have been put under house arrest as a precautionary measure for the sake of Bush's security while he is in that town. Most of these people have done nothing specific against Bush nor have most of them threatened him. But they are under house arrest all the same. Contrast the harsh precautions taken for Bush's security with the Arab-American hostility to Israeli precautionary measures to protect the lives of Jews threatened by Arab terrorists coming from Ramallah and other places in Judea-Samaria. Rice [riso amaro] and other US government officials and press mouthpieces have often complained about Israeli checkposts, body inspections, closed roads, etc. in Judea-Samaria in order to intercept terrorists. But when it comes to Bush's security, everything goes, as we shall see below. Before we get to that, bear in mind that Jews traveling in those areas are also subject to security checks, checkposts, barriers, etc. Even going into a shopping mall in Jerusalem or on a visit to the Western Wall of the ancient Jewish Temple requires a partial body check, passing through metal detectors, body checks, baggage and package checks, etc.

Now, what was done for Bush in Ramallah? I consider it especially important to bring this news to your attention since it apparently is not being reported in the American MSM, and seems NOT to be available on the Yedi`ot Ahronot site [ynet] in English, although I read it in Yedi`ot's Hebrew daily print edition. Roni Shaked, a veteran Yedi`ot journalist reports on Ramallah (1-10-2008; p 5):
Towards Bush's arrival in Ramallah, the Muqata`ah [government compound] in Ramallah has turned into a fortified target under American command. The streets around it for a radius of about two kilometers have been closed to traffic by vehicles and pedestrians. The residents living in the closed area have received the order not to leave their homes starting from last night until the afternoon today. They have been forbiddent to go up on the roofs or even to stand near the windows in their private homes. Owners of businesses have been requested to close their stores and all workers in the Palestinian government ministries located in the area have been requested not to come to work today.
Shaked also relays a statement by `Adnan Damiri, PA police spokesman, that 4,000 policemen and security men will also guard Bush's visit. Since many PA police are part-time terrorists, having murdered at least three Israelis since Annapolis, one wonders if they will be armed. Nevertheless, there was another report that additional, specifically American-controlled security measures have been taken in Ramallah. According to this report --which came out Wednesday afternoon but which I cannot now find in English on the Net, so far-- the residents of upper floors of buildings near the Muqata`ah were told to evacuate their apartments. Their places were supposed to be taken by American sharpshooters who were also supposed to be stationed on the roofs. This fills out, elaborates on and explains the statement by Shaked above that the security precautions around the Muqata`ah are "under American command." Eitan Livneh gave a little info in this vein in the paper Yisrael HaYom [1-8-2008; Tuesday; p 6]:
Palestinian security sources spoke yesterday [1-7-2008] about "a sort of curfew" that might be imposed on the area of the Muqata`ah. Together with American security men, the Palestinian Authority is set up for a gigantic protective operation, in which about 4,000 Palestinian security men will take part.
In recent days, heavy [construction] vehicles have dug up in the Muqata`ah compound in order to make sure that there are no [buried] bombs or unexploded rockets/mortars/shells there. The Americans too are set up for the visit, their helicopters have already been flying in the skies over the [West] Bank since yesterday and have landed in Ramallah.
Seems everyone is equal but some are more equal than others. And Bush's security certainly counts for a lot more than that of the ordinary Jew in Israel or anywhere for that matter. For the record, many streets in Jerusalem have been closed to vehicular traffic, greatly inconveniencing hundreds of thousands of Israelis, although I think that the ban on pedestrians has been limited to very small areas. Let me know if I am mistaken. Remember how the fake "human rights" agencies --Amnesty, "human rights watch," B'tselem, etc.-- moan and groan over Israeli checkposts, etc? But nothing is too good for Bush. This too tells us that the "peace process" has nothing to do with peace for Jews but only peace of mind for antisemites. Those Arabs called "palestinians" cannot be trusted to receive the US president peacefully. But somehow, we are told, they are ready to live in peace with Jews.

Here too we have further proof that the "peace process" is a fake. Further, consider what all the above implies about the relationship of the "palestinian authority" to the US govt. The PA is quite ready to restrict the freedom of thousands of its own people for Bush's sake. The PA is allowing US forces to operate in its zones of authority. It is obviously following American official directives. But it seems that the US Govt cannot get the same PA, so servile when it comes to an American president's security, to control the terrorist anti-Jewish inclinations of its own "security" forces and police. Nor is there any visible effort by the US Govt to have the PA stop its TV and radio broadcasts demeaning Jews --[such as, "Jews are descended from apes and pigs"]-- and inciting violence against Jews. Likewise for the Judeophobic school curriculum in the PA schools. Only a fool could possibly think the PA wants real peace with Israel --I said PA, not even considering the Hamas, which is simply less hypocritical. So Bush's "peace efforts" are not to be praised but condemned.

UPDATED 1-10-2008: Khaled Abu Toameh in the Jerusalem Post report mentions the curfew: "at least half of Ramallah under curfew during Bush's visit." But the American security presence is mentioned only in a quote from a resident: "Our city is controlled by American security forces and no one is happy about this." The Post report linked to a few lines above has a few more details, such as that the PA "policemen" will bear weapons but without ammunition.
UPDATING 1-11-2008: It is confirmed that Arabs were taken out of their homes for Bush's safety: "The Muqata`ah, where the meeting between the leaders took place, was declared a sterile area, all the streets around the Muqata`ah were closed, and residents were even evacuated from their homes in several areas" [Asaf Gabor in Maqor Rishon 1-11-2008].
HaArets had a few details in its report confirming other reports, although the fact that Arab people were evacuated from their homes was left out.
UPDATING 1-12-2008: I am informed by Jews who live in the Binyamin region [in early Israelite times, the estate of the Tribe of Benjamin], close to Ramallah, that Jews in that area were forbidden to leave their villages or settlements while Bush was in and near Ramallah. For instance, the gates of Adam --east of Pisgat Ze'ev and Hizma were locked while Bush was in the area.
UPDATING 1-15-2008 Caroline Glick describes the situation in Jerusalem during Bush's visit as "virtual martial law" imposed by the Olmert regime on the Jewish people.
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Coming: More on falsehoods of the fake "peace process," peace follies, propaganda, Jews in Jerusalem, Hebron, the Land of Israel, etc.

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