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Monday, January 28, 2008

The MSM Lie about Israel's Blockade of Gaza

UPDATING 1-29-2008

For several weeks now, the major worldwide propaganda propagators --also known as News Networks or the MSM-- have been telling the moving tale of Gazans suffering at Israel's hands. Israel had imposed a blockade on all sorts of goods going into the Gaza Strip, now ruled by Hamas. Shortly after Israel announced that it was cutting fuel shipments into Gaza, the Hamas, put on two shows to impress world public opinion with the humanitarian plight of Gaza inhabitants, although "humanitarian" is the last word one ought to use to describe Hamas itself, given its openly genocidal intentions toward Jews [see Article 7 of the Hamas Charter].

The first Hamas show was to itself turn off street lights in Gaza City and hold a candlelight parade featuring many children --as well as adults-- carrying candles in order to demonstrate life in darkness because of Israel's cut off of fuel. But the Hamas had itself turned off the lights. Further, Gaza has been and still is receiving about 70% of its electricity from Israel's national electricity company, Hevrat haHashmal, and about 5% from the Egyptian electric company. Neither Israel nor Egypt had cut off the supply of electricity and there was enough fuel in Gaza to keep the local generators, which produced about 20-25% of the Gaza electricity supply, going for some time. It was Hamas' own decision to thwart the reduced supply by turning off electricity itself in order to put on a propaganda show. The major international MSM did not report the fraud by Hamas, although France24 added as an afterthought at the end of its "reports" on the Hamas show that Israel had cut off fuel to Gaza because of rockets from Gaza landing in Israel.

The second show was a meeting of the Hamas governing council in Gaza at which the council members were allegedly forced to sit in candlelight --again because Israel had cut off the fuel for the generators. However, some still photographs of the candlelit meeting show curtains that could not hide the sunlight outside. In other words, the "candlelit meeting" was held during daylight.
Even when MSM reported why Israel had cut off fuel, sketchily and as an afterthought to be sure, they omitted explaining who exactly in Gaza was shooting the rockets at Israel.

Now, last week the Hamas blew up the fence between Egypt and Gaza, a project which they had been working on for months. They had first weakened the steel fence/wall by cutting parts of its supports away with acetylene or electric torches. Destruction of the fence allowed hundreds of thousands of Gazans to go to Egyptian towns, Rafiah and al-Arish, in order to make purchases of all sorts of goods, from motorscooters to furniture. First of all, this means that despite the constant description of these people as poor, they in fact had savings with which to purchase goods. Moreover, it made clear that Egypt was as much involved in blockading Gaza as was Israel. After all, both Egypt and Israel lie alongside Gaza. So it should have been obvious all along that if there were a blockade or embargo on Gaza, then Egypt was doing it as much as was Israel. Now, Egypt wants to resume withholding supplies from Gaza. After all, if there is no shortage of supplies in Gaza, then Israel can't be blamed. Which is what is most important. The suffering of Arabs in Gaza is meant to be an exhibit in a "humanitarian" indictment against Israel in the court of public opinion, where, unfortunately, the usual rules of evidence in a civilized court do not apply. Furthermore, the "exhibits" cannot be allowed to escape their status by emigrating from Gaza to places with better opportunities and less Hamas bad government and less PLO/PA & Hamas death cult indoctrination.
Outside Rafah, lines of trucks with Cairo plates could be seen stopped at checkpoints and being sent back to the capital. But security officials in Cairo, speaking on customary condition of anonymity, denied any shipments to Rafah were being blocked.[Omar Sinan, AP 1-28-08]
So Egypt is going so far as to stop trucks from bringing in more supplies to Rafiah and Al-Arish from Cairo. Of course, they lie about it, as the AP reporter, Sinan, an Arab judging by his name, points out.
The BBC report is even more explicit:
Egypt has started choking off supplies to its border zone with Gaza in an attempt to discourage Palestinians from pouring into the area, reports say.[BBC, 1-28-08]
Here's another AP report on Egyptian policy:
Palestinians moved freely across the border for a sixth day into the muddy Egyptian side of Rafah town where many stores are displaying empty shelves after trucks carrying supplies from Cairo area have been prevented from entering the town. . .
Egyptian storekeepers, despite the financial windfall of the past few days, expressed worry of the continuing flow of Palestinians into their stores in light of an apparent government decision to halt the resupply shipments.[AP in Jerusalem Post, 1-28-2008]
UPDATING 1-29-2008: see this report in the same vein as the ones cited above [Omar Sinan, 1-29-2008 AP].
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Who is withholding supplies from the Gaza Arabs? Can the withholding of supplies be called a blockade?? If it can, then Egypt is blockading Gaza and has been blockading Gaza as much as Israel.

Meanwhile, the Seconddraft website [of Professor Richard Landes] examines the false accusation against Israel of killing an Arab family on the Gaza Beach in 2005.
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Coming: New archeological discovery supports Biblical history, peace follies, propaganda, Jews in Jerusalem & the Land of Israel, etc.


  • The world swims in a sea of hypocricy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:15 PM  

  • What do you think of this samsonblinded.org/blog/israel-cannot-blockade-gaza.htm ? Shoher is arguably the most right Israeli today, but he argues Israel should talk to Hamas as Egypt will not maintain the blockade of Gaza.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:19 AM  

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