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Emet m'Tsiyon

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Pretended -and False- Premises of the "peace Process" & Lies Contributing to It

The whole so-called "peace process" is rife with fraud, if it deserves at all to be called a "peace process." Shmuel Trigano for one suggests that the very term "peace process" does not fit what is really going on.

Here are some of the "peace process" frauds:
1) There is an ancient people called "Palestinians," somehow separate and distinct from the Arabs as a whole, who deserve a state. The notion of a "palestinian people" is a crude lie. But this does not hold back the diplomats. False history is very much in vogue. Just look at how UK and US misinformation organs, like the BBC, have been able to keep hidden the real history of Bosnia and Kossovo. That is, they have managed to erase the centuries-long oppression of Serbs in Bosnia and Kossovo by Bosnian Muslims and Kossovo Muslim Albanians, encouraged by the Ottoman Empire when it ruled those areas. Further, the more recent enlistment by many Bosnian and Kossovo Muslims in German Nazi SS units [the Handschar (= khanjar) and the Skanderbeg] has been officially and unofficially erased by Western communications media. Likewise, Arab-Nazi collaboration has been officially forgotten, particularly Palestinian Arab collaboration in the Holocaust in the person of Haj Amin el-Husseini [Husayni]. Coincidentally, Husseini helped organize the Bosnian Muslim Handschar SS division & the Kossovo Albanian Muslim Skanderbeg SS division.
The "palestinian" Arabs themselves did not speak of a "palestinian people" until the 1960s, under the guidance of Western psywar specialists.

2) that "peace processes" in general, or the so-called Arab-Israeli or "palestinian-Israeli" "peace process" in particular, can bring peace or are even meant to bring peace. The "peace process" with the so-called "palestinians" has been going on for many years and has brought more war than peace, mass murder bombings, euphemistically called "terrorism," rocket attacks on civilians, etc. The "peace" in the "peace process" is Peace of Mind for Antisemites.
Yet, Terje Larsen, the Norwegian diplomat and first rank "peace processor," lied a few years ago when he claimed [in an op ed column in the Judeophobic International Herald Tribune] that Israel had benefitted from the "peace process" in the form of a reduction of violence and terrorism. This is not merely a lie but a very gross lie, so far is it from the truth.

3- All Mideastern problems are because of Israel. This one is a favorite in London. Tony Blair himself has said it. Of course, a lot has to do with how one defines "Middle Eastern problem." When the Barbary Pirates of North Africa were attacking the shipping and maritime trade of European nations and the new United States for several centuries up till the French conquest of Algeria in 1830 [stealing cargo and enslaving crew and passengers], was that a "problem" for Britain?? Maybe not since the Mediterranean countries suffered more than Britain did. When the Ottoman Empire was massacring Armenians in the late 19th century, apparently that was a British problem, since British and other European diplomats at the Congress of Berlin [1878] demanded a change in Ottoman treatment of the Armenians. However, there was no State of Israel at that time nor was there a Political Zionist movement. Zionism was limited to Jews returning to the Land of Israel and accepting Ottoman rule. Likewise, the tribal-dynastic struggles on the Arabian peninsula between the Saudis and the Rashids in the Nejd [central Arabia] and the conflict between Hashemites and Saudis over the Hijaz [NW Arabia] up to 1925 were not motivated by Israel or Zionism.

4- Israel is occupying Arab land or "palestinian" land. Further, the settlements are "illegal" according to the usual suspects, such as the BBC. See this BBC report.
The lie about Jewish settlements in Judea-Samaria being illegal is one of the false bases of the so-called "peace process" and of the recent racist event at Annapolis, euphemistically called "a peace conference." This lie is based on two other lies, first, that Judea-Samaria & Gaza are or were "occupied" by Israel; second, that Geneva Convention IV forbids settlement in "occupied territory." However, Geneva IV forbids an occupying power to "transfer" parts of its population to occupied territory. Needless to say, the Jews who went to live in Judea-Samaria [& Gaza up to 2005] were not "transferred." They went to live in Judea-Samaria & Gaza voluntarily, even eagerly. So even if those areas were "occupied," which they are not, it would not be against international law for Jews to go live in those places. Let's look at the situation historically.

In fact, much real estate in Judea-Samaria & Gaza was recognized as Jewish property before 1939, when the British Empire forbid Jews to buy real estate in most of Judea-Samaria and in Gaza by the notorious "Palestine White Paper," a ban implemented in 1940. This policy was found illegal by the League of Nations Permanent Mandates Commission. It was part of Britain's contribution to the Holocaust. Today's British anti-Zionists might take pride in it if they knew about it. In fact, the Jewish National Home principle encouraged Jews to settle in the heart of the ancient Jewish homeland, the Jewish National Home designated by the San Remo Conference [1920] and the League of Nations [1922], confirmed by the UN charter [article 80]. Hence, the claim commonly made that Judea-Samaria are "occupied" by Israel is false, as is the claim that Geneva Convention IV forbids Jews to voluntarily go live in Judea-Samaria, even if they are "occupied," which they are not. Again, no real international law forbids Jewish settlement in Judea-Samaria, the heart of the ancient Jewish homeland and the internationally designated Jewish National Home. Only racist, Judeophobic laws enacted by Judeophobes could forbid Jewish settlement, Judeophobes like the EU Commission and EU parliament, the UK, the US State Department, and the Arabs. On the Land of Israel's international law status see here & here & here. Readers of French can look for articles on this matter by Prof David Ruzie', perhaps on the Association France-Israel website. The US State Department's opposition to Jews living in Judea-Samaria & Gaza is racism, even if the secretary of state belongs to a previously discriminated against group.
Of course, the EU countries that share that position have not even that fig leaf excuse, since they traditionally restricted Jewish residence rights in their countries.

5- The major powers promoting the "peace process" want peace. But how could they really want peace if they continue to disregard the Nazi-like jihad indoctrination in the "palestinian authority" schools, mass communications media, controlled mosques, etc., and continue to fund this criminal entity with ever more billions after the previously supplied billions had been mainly used either for terrorism purposes or to line the pockets of the PA insiders?

The peacemakers --such as Tony Blair, Kofi Annan, George Bush II, the Norwegian govt, etc-- supposedly want to make peace. If they want peace, then why are they so eager to finance PA security forces and security agents who so very often join terrorist groups where they apply their Western training and expertise to very evil terrorist deeds??? Why did Norway openly establish relations with the avowedly genocidal Hamas regime in Gaza?

The last international donors conference for the palestinian authority came up with pledges of 7.8 billion dollars, more than requested. What is the real aim of giving this money if not Judeophobia? Likewise, how can these powers be seen as wanting peace if they continue to fund the anti-peace United Nations?

6- Most Israelis support establishment of a "palestinian" state or "palestinian" Arab state. This claim has been made variously by convicted sex offender, Hayim Ramon, olmert's favorite deputy prime minister, by Shim`on Peres, who helped bring us the Oslo tragedy, and by Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. However, the claim has been shown up as false by this recent public opinion poll in Israel [posted on IMRA].

7- Israel is an apartheid state or jimcrow state. This claim was made by US secretary of state Rice at a meeting at Annapolis after the main meeting. Rice said that the so-called "palestinians" suffered as she had as a child in the American South, forbidden to use water fountains reserved for whites and forbidden to eat in restaurants with whites---this article appeared Thursday morning -Israel time-- and was apparently removed on Friday after Annapolis so as not to alarm the Jews about Condi and not embarass Condi with her own words.

8- The so-called "palestinian people" have always been oppressed by the Jews & Zionists, so they need a state for that reason. This is a total lie. Since the Arab Conquest of the 7th century, Arabs/Muslims have been oppressing, exploiting, and humiliating Jews in the dhimmi status. Even in the period of the Conquest itself, Arab forces massacred and deported Jews and other conquered peoples, and seized their real estate, as described in earlier posts on this site. Jews have always suffered an inferior, oppressed status in Arab/Muslim society, including in the Land of Israel, including in Jerusalem, as reported in earlier posts at Emet m'Tsiyon. Certain Western governments do not shrink from falsifying history through their propaganda organs --such as the BBC-- as they have also done recently against the Serbs, in order to set up Muslim states in both Bosnia & Kossovo.
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More to come on frauds and lies contributing to and of the essence of the "peace process." -- Peace follies, propaganda, Jews in the Land of Israel, etc.

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