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Emet m'Tsiyon

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Israel's Social Left Supports Suppressing Murderous Hamas Rockets

Outsiders must get a confused picture of Israeli domestic public opinion. The minority that agrees with the views on Israel of foreign powers get a disproportionate amount of coverage on foreign TV & radio and in the foreign press. This impression is challenged by several prominent Leftist Israeli intellectuals. Of course, Eliyahu m'Tsiyon rejects the whole notion of a "left-right" political spectrum, seeing political views, opinions, conceptions, as much more of a three-dimensional matter that does not fit into the traditional, long-outmoded "left-right" concept, that is superficial and misleading at best.

Nevertheless, a group of intellectuals defining themselves as the Social Left has issued a joint statement calling for a military operation to protect the people in Sderot and nearby locations that have been the victims of more than 7,000 rockets fired at them by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, and other terrorist gangs since early 2001.
We, writers and editors of journals who do not support right-wing parties or the idea of The Whole Land of Israel, and see ourselves as men of the Social Left, think that our public, moral, and intellectual duties --and especially a duty of social solidarity with the people of Sderot-- require us to warn against the impotence of the prime minister in everything having to do with the defense of Sderot and its surroundings from murderous terrorism.

It is clear to us that this failure expresses, among other things, the abandonment of the social periphery. We are astonished at the lack of massive, concrete action against the neo-Islamist terrorism regime in the Gaza Strip. Indeed, this failure is reminiscent of all the flaws of the flight from Lebanon several years ago, [performed] while leaving the Hizbullah on our northern border, the unilateral disengagement that led to the present situation in the south, and the unfortunate hesitancy in the Second Lebanon War.

We want to express our dissociation from the position of a considerable part of the media and the arts & culture community in Israel and throughout the world, which in effect grants immunity to terrorism cadres under the guise of human rights.

We hope that by the time our letter is published, the government will reconsider and decide on concrete action.

Prof Gabriel [Gavriel] Moqed [Moked], editor of the journal Akhshav
Arik Eisenberg & Ran Yagil, editors of `Emdah
Yehudah Vizen, editor of Ketem
`Oded Karmeli
[letter published in Maqor Rishon, 15 February 2008]
This group of intellectuals define themselves as belonging to the Social Left in order to distinguish themselves from what we might call the foreign policy Left or Arab-policy Left or pro-Arab Left or anti-National Left, which is almost always uncritical of Arab abuses. Note that they assert that the peripheral areas of the country, that is, peripheral when the Tel Aviv area is considered the center, have been long neglected --in many ways-- by the dominant forces in Israeli society that are centered in Tel Aviv. One of the ways in which the periphery is neglected is its physical security from rocket bombardment. I would add that the now dominant school of thought among the Tel Aviv-ocentric crowd likes to follow the concepts, terminology and nomenclature used by foreign powers and empires that are often hostile to Israel, such as the EU, UK, etc. For instance, the pro-Arab Nazi newspaper, HaArets, uses the terms "militants" or "activists" when referring to Arab terrorists. Just like the British pro-Nazi press.
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Coming: more lies of the "peace process," peace follies, propaganda, Jews in Jerusalem, Hebron, and elsewhere, etc.


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