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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who Was President during the Holocaust & Which Was His Party ?

Who was president during the Holocaust? Which party did he belong to?
The Holocaust president was Franklin D Roosevelt. He was a Democrat. He spent much money supposedly to stimulate the American economy and thereby get the USA out of the Depression. He did little to save Jews from the Holocaust. That little was done under pressure from groups like those led by Peter Bergson, such as the Committee for a Jewish Army. Bergson was helped by famous Hollywood scriptwriter Ben Hecht and by many grass roots American Jews and some outstanding non-Jews. What sort of debt do Jews owe to the Democrats for FDR's refusal to bomb the death camps [like Auschwitz] and bomb the railroad tracks leading to them? This was also British policy by the way. So do the Jews owe a debt to either the USA or UK for doing less than the bare minimum to save Jews from the Nazis?

In 1956, seven years after armistice agreements with Arab states had been signed at Rhodes, terrorist attacks from Egyptian-ruled Gaza continued, often with lethal results. In October 1956, Israel, UK and France attacked Egypt together, although each had its own reasons for doing so. Israel attacked a state that was in a state of war with it despite an armistice repeatedly violated by that state, Egypt. However, the outcome of the Sinai Campaign was that President Eisenhower [Ike] demanded that Israel withdraw from Egyptian territory and from the Gaza Strip [part of the internationally designated Jewish National Home] without Egypt signing a peace treaty and ending the state of war, which Nasser's Egypt -- covertly supported by the CIA and the Dulles Brothers, in charge of Ike's foreign policy-- did not want to do. Ike was a Republican.

Years later, in 1977, Jimmy Carter and his liege-man Zbigniew Brzezinski threatened Menahem Begin with an international conference to supposedly settle Israel's fate. Under this threat Begin offered Sadat, Nazi-sympathizing dictator of Egypt, all of the oil-rich, little-inhabited Sinai Peninsula. Not enough, Carter complained at the Camp David Conference [1978]. Jimmy pressured Begin to give more, no doubt under the guidance of Zbig, his national insecurity advisor, for Zbig and Carter also contributed to greater insecurity for the American people [by helping Khomeini take over Iran, etc]. There's a lot wrong with the Israel-Egypt "peace treaty," even from a formal, legalistic standpoint. Carter was a Democrat like FDR who made it difficult for Jewish refugees to come to the USA before and during the Holocaust.

On the other hand, George Bush Senior is a Republican like his liege-man, James Baker. They were notorious for blatant hostility to Israel. As secretary of state Baker helped Hafez Assad, the fascist dictator of Syria, to complete the conquest of Lebanon by Syria. This conquest actually took place in stages. At first it was aided by Henry Kissinger, then by Zbig who picked up the relay and the dirty job was finished by Baker as said [in 1990]. Truly bipartisan foreign policy or, if you like, bipartisan wreckage of civilization.

Baker was notorious for telling Bush Senior: "F. . . the Jews. They don't vote for us anyhow." Of course, Jews did vote foolishly for the Dems, which did not much help when FDR and Carter were president.

Now, one of the remarkable things about personalities involved in the current presidential election is the cyclicality. In other words, zombies rise out of the muck of the black lagoon and policies come back to haunt the Jews. Zbig Brzezinski, formerly Carter's liege-man, has left the tomb of the undead and is now Obama's chief foreign policy advisor, although Obama pretended during the primaries that he did not belong to the old Washington crowd, that he was innocent of its corruption. Obama's partner Biden has an undeserved reputation for being a friend of Israel. During Israel's first big anti-terrorist operation, Defensive Shield in 2002, Biden opposed it in meetings with Jewish leaders:
Joe Biden. . . attacked Ariel Sharon in closed meetings of Jews and Israelis while he [Sharon] was conducting Israel's war against terrorism. These remarks do not get much publicity for some reason, but they are written here on the authority of absolutely reliable sources, of persons who heard them with their own ears.
[Amnon Lord, "The UN Guy and the Jewish Vote" Neged haRuah - Yoman, in Maqor Rishon
Meanwhile, George Bush Junior was demanding that Israel withdraw from areas of the Palestinian Authority's zones that Israel had taken in order to fight the PLO/Hamas/Fatah terrorists, areas where murderous attacks against the Israeli people had originated. Here Bush Junior reminds me of Ike in 1956 demanding Israeli withdrawal from Egyptian territory and Gaza, although terrorist attacks --then called fedayin attacks-- had been launched against Israel from those places and Nasser had brought many German Nazi veterans into his government and foul anti-Jewish, anti-Israel propaganda was regularly featured in the state-controlled Egyptian media. So Biden and Bush Jr were redoing Ike's anti-Israel policy of 1956.

To change the subject slightly, Lyndon B Johnson, a Democrat, was the "peace candidate" in the 1964 presidential election. After the election, LBJ increased aerial bombardments on North Vietnam and hugely increased the number of US troops in that theater of war to more than 500,000. Anybody who thinks that Obama is a peace candidate is an ignorant fool at best.
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Coming: More on Obama the war candidate, More on the anti-Jewish racism of the "Peace Process," Republicans, Democrats & Jews [FDR and Eisenhower and Carter and George Bush Sr]; Jews in Jerusalem, Hebron, the Land of Israel, archeological updates, peace follies, propaganda, etc

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  • It seems like most of the "holocaust" story has been debunked as wartime propaganda, in particular the part about alleged "extermination" of Jews. There was, however, a mass-deportation of Jews that was interrupted by the initiation of war on Germany by the British Empire; hence, the work camps.

    Nevertheless, FDR was a scumbag. It should be noted, though, that none of his writings indicate anything about the alleged "extermination of Jews." For that matter, neither did the writings or memoirs of Churchill, Truman de Gaulle or Eisenhower.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:18 AM  

  • The second "anonymous" is a vile pig. He denies the mass murder of more than 6 million Jews in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East by the German Nazis, their allies, their collaborators and admirers. This 2nd Anon's comment deserves to be erased but I want decent people to be aware that such scum really does exist.

    By Blogger Eliyahu m'Tsiyon, at 6:11 PM  

  • 2nd anon's lie that Eisenhower was not aware of the Holocaust is blatant. There is much evidence that he was indeed aware of it, since his own forces liberated some of the death and concentration camps.

    By Blogger Eliyahu m'Tsiyon, at 6:13 PM  

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