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Emet m'Tsiyon

Monday, March 16, 2009


Various signs indicate that the slimey top echelon here, the ones who like to kowtow Euro Judeophobes of the EU, are working to release hundreds, maybe more than a thousand terrorist murders, for poor Gilad Shalit. All along they have mishandled this situation. They don't know whether he's dead or alive. But we have the precedent of the deal for a couple of dead bodies of poor Eldad Regev and Goldwasser. Yet, a basic part of international law is that the Red Cross [ICRC] should have access to prisoners of war. Israel should have made this a basic demand long before the recent Cast Lead Gaza military operation. Israel should have told Euro hypocrites that want to or already have diplomatic relations with Hamas in Gaza, that have "recognized" Hamas rule in Gaza, that they must not do so if Hamas does not allow Red Cross access. If it does not do so, then it is in violation of international law that all the human rights hypocrites wave around as a sacred idol.

Norway has already "recognized" Hamas rule in Gaza. Israel should have told Norway that Israel is lowering the status of relations with Norway if it does not withdraw recognition and relations with a regime [Hamas] that openly and brazenly rejects human rights and international law.

Our clowns, led by olmert, urged on by our Vichyite media, have never done what should have been done. They must not make any "deal" for Shalit under these circumstances.

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