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Emet m'Tsiyon

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Saudi Power/Influence in the United KIngdom -- Her Majesty's Britain

Saudi Arabia has the power/influence not only to have American newspapers --that like to see themselves as "talking truth to power"-- bend over backwards to justify Saudi massacres of civilians but they have power/influence in the UK --Britain-- too. David Pryce-Jones reports several cases, one of which we have reported on Emet m'Tsiyon. In Britain Saudi demands have perverted the normal system of criminal investigation and caused injustice against British citizens oppressed ["mistreated"] by the Saudi kingdom. The situation is outrageous but it seems that there is not enough outrage to correct it.

Here is our previous post on Saudi-demanded perversion of political and journalistic decency in the United States. What does it mean that the press and universities and judicial systems in supposedly democratic countries pervert their own conduct in order to please the superrich bigots who represent Wahhabi Islam?

Many of Israel's enemies in America try to have things both ways. On one hand, they claim that support for Israel is harmful for "American interests" in the Arab world, in the Middle East, in the Muslim world, or even in the whole "Third World." Of course, one problem with this claim is just how American interests are to be defined. Should the United States favor a democratic state or an autocracy that rules in the name of religious bigotry in its own country?

On the other hand, some of the same critics of Israel claim quite conveniently that Israel is immoral, oppressive, alien to the Middle East, racist, apartheid, and/or whatever other pejoratives that you can think of. They want to have everything both ways.

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