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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The BBC works in an atmosphere of slanders and fraud-- Besmirching character seems to come naturally to such as Jeremy Bowen

UPDATING 4-17-2009 [links on PM Gordon Brown & Jeremy Bowen added]

We and many others have long held that the BBC deliberately smears Israel in its radio and TV broadcasts labeled "news." One BBC propaganda agent, Jeremy Bowen, chief of propaganda on Middle Eastern affairs for the Beeb, has recently been censured [also see here & ici (added 4-17-2009)]. Either he had gone too far or representations made by CAMERA and British critics of the BBC had put the management in the position of having to discipline him.

But the BBC works in a political atmosphere where slander and fraud, fake "news" stories and sleaze operate at the highest level of government. A close associate of PM Gordon Brown, one Damian McBride, invented vicious slanders, sexual and otherwise, of opposition politicians. David Pryce-Jones reports part of the McBride story:

The name of Damian McBride was virtually unknown in Britain, except to a small circle of political insiders, and some of them already called him McPoison. That nickname will now stick for the rest of his life, a reminder of disgrace and shame. For some time this man has been in charge of communications for Gordon Brown, the prime minister, with an office in Downing Street and a six-figure salary courtesy of the taxpayer. Brown likes to parade a fine set of morals on every conceivable occasion, stressing that he is the son of an upright Scottish clergyman, boasting that he himself is whiter than white, and that sleaze in his administration would not be tolerated because he has values (a favorite word of his, spoken with a strange little twist of his mouth). All this release of morality, it turns out, is for external consumption; for internally he has been directing McBride to release rats from the sewer.

The Conservatives had apparently been winning the battle for public opinion in the blogosphere. Therefore McBride decided to launch a website, to be titled Red Rag, on which he would put lies and innuendoes to denigrate these political opponents. To a colleague and like-minded spin-doctor, also a Labour insider and advisor, by the name of Derek Draper, he sent samples, involving disgusting sexual fictions about Conservative leaders, including David Cameron and George Osborne. They also fabricated stories about Mrs. Osborne’s state of mind. Absolutely totally brilliant, Draper chortled to McBride. The pair were evidently certain that this filth would stick and win them the election to be held next June. It is inconceivable that they did this without at least the knowledge of Brown, and quite likely his approval, whether open or tacit. Brown used to consult McBride daily, and Draper was invited to Chequers, the prime minister’s country residence.

A Conservative blogger somehow learnt about all this, and exposed it. The scandal is rocking Britain. At first Brown and the others tried to cover up, pretending that this was all juvenile, and never intended for publication. That could not wash. McBride has been duly fired. Brown tries to plead ignorance. The Conservatives are pressing for an apology, but moral Mr. Brown will do no more than express regret.

In the centuries of British parliamentary and political life, hard things have often been said and cruel deeds done, but the cut and thrust did not involve deliberate and considered destruction of rivals through deception and lying and sexual scurrilities concocted behind the scene like this. Previous socialists would not have sunk so low, but such complete disregard for principle in the pursuit of power is nonetheless the outcome, the necessary culmination, of socialism

Think of McBride when you watch or listen to the BBC. Is Tony Blair above this kind of fraud? Was Gordon Brown unaware of the scandalous conduct? If they're willing and even eager to lie like this about fellow British politicians, what lies wouldn't they invent about Israel or Jews?

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