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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tony Blair Supports Hamas Officially -- Gerry Adams of the IRA [Sinn Fein] now officially a British agent

Peace --the last refuge of the scoundrel
Eliyahu m'Tsiyon [circa 2007]

Tony Blair is the former two-faced prime minister of the UK, called Tony Phoney by his fellow Britishers. After leaving his PM's office, he was appointed as envoy to the "peace process" [that is, to Israel and the palestinian authority] by the Quartet to see how its "Road Map to peace" was being implemented. Yet, true to form, Tony Phoney has disregarded those items in the "Road Map" that required corrective action by the PA. Moreover, he has shown his contempt for peace by promoting the anti-peace Hamas whose very charter openly calls on Muslims to kill Jews. That is, Blair aids a genocidal Islamic jihad gang. One way that he helped them very recently was to intervene with the Israeli government to allow one Gerry Adams into Gaza in order to have a photo op with Hamas leaders and proclaim his "solidarity" with them. Our foreign ministry had wisely --for once-- opposed letting Adams into Gaza, understanding what he was likely to do. Thwarted by the Foreign Ministry, Blair turned to Defense Minister Barak [Labor Party] who complied with Blair's hysterical urgings:
Tony Blair intervened directly with Defense Minister Ehud Barak to enable Northern Ireland politician Gerry Adams through the Erez Crossing and into the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, where he met Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

The decision to let Adams into the Gaza Strip came against recommendations by the Foreign Ministry, which had urged that Israel not facilitate his passage because he was unwilling to promise not to meet with Hamas representatives.

The Foreign Ministry was concerned that high profile meetings of international politicians with Hamas would only grant the organization legitimacy.

Defense officials said the decision to allow Adams into Gaza was taken by Barak after Blair brought a personal request to him during a meeting earlier this week.

The officials said Blair had told Barak that Adams, the leader of the Irish Republican Army-linked Sinn Fein party, had experience as a mediator, and could pass messages and act as a go-between for Israel and Hamas.

Israeli officials refused to meet with Adams because he was willing to meet with Hamas representatives.

Adams is scheduled to go to Ramallah for talks on Friday.

Adams's meeting with Haniyeh, at an undisclosed location in Gaza City, was not announced ahead of time.

TV footage from a local news outlet showed Adams sitting in an armchair next to Haniyeh. "We want to help. We support the Palestinian people," Adams said. [read more here in Jerusalem Post 4-9-2009]
Blair has been working to promote Hamas as a partner for peace since at least 2002, through his operative in Israel, the appropriately named Alistair Crooke [for more on blair & hamas see here & here]. So we see that Blair is a lover of Hamas, or perhaps he sees Hamas as a convenient tool for helping the Arabs finish Hitler's work, whereas the UK was a silent partner in the Holocaust in the 1930s & 1940s [see earlier posts on the Emet m'Tsiyon blog]. The Hamas quite frankly declares genocide of the Jews to be its goal in its charter, see especially Article 7. This article quotes a medieval Muslim fable from the Hadith in which rocks and trees call on Muslims to kill Jews at the End of Days.

Meanwhile, Gerry Adams, the smooth, oily spokesman for the IRA under the rubric of the Sinn Fein political party demonstrates that he is an agent of British anti-Israel, Judeophobic policy. After all, Blair understood very well what Israel's Foreign Ministry also understood, that Adams would use his visit to Gaza to promote the Hamas. So, for all his anti-imperialist pretensions, Adams works for the same goals regarding Israel and the Jews as does the British Empire. Adams is an agent. Coincidentally, a few days ago, British foreign minister Miliband was in Rabat-Ammon [Amman] in Jordan, complaining that the Jerusalem municipality was wrongly demolishing illegally built Arab houses in the city, not mentioning that the municipality also demolishes illegally built Jewish houses and other structures. This means that Miliband was denying the Jewish right of sovereignty over Jerusalem, a city that owes its importance to the world to its place in Israelite/Jewish history and religion. It is a city where Jews have been the majority since 1853, at least, and that was in the Old City, which was the whole city at that time. Miliband also pretends not to know that the Arab forces, including the British-officered Arab Legion of Jordan [then Transjordan] drove Jews out of parts of Jerusalem that they captured in 1947-1948, including the Old City with its ancient Jewish holy sites & medieval Jewish Quarter. Jews could not return to their homes after that war, ended by an armistice accord in 1949. This part of Jerusalem was Judenrein for 19 years until Israeli forces retook it in 1967, allowing Jews to live there once again. Arab spokespersons have the hhutspah to call that area "traditionally Arab East Jerusalem." Judeophobic Britain denies Jewish rights of residence there, whereas British forces helped the Arabs to drive out the Jews from there in 1947-1948. So the policy of the UK has not changed in 61 years regarding Jewish rights of residence in Jerusalem.
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More on British anti-Israel intrigue: Bill Rammell, a British minister of state, said that the Obama administration is "comfortable" with British overtures to the Nazi Hizbullah [I call them Nazis because they espouse Nazi-like views of the Jewish people]. See Jerusalem Post, 4-5-2009 [based AP report] & Aurora [Spanish-language Israeli weekly 4 (7-15) 2009].

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