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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Could the New Obama Learn some Principles from the Old Obama?

Of course, many people have a hard time figuring out who Obama really is, or maybe, who he himself thinks he is. Does he know who he is? Anyhow, having said so many things during his relatively short lifetime, saying one thing and its opposite over and over on many issues, he was bound to say something right for once. Like the broken clock that tells the right time twice a day.

Many years ago, when he was a young, opportunistic college student,
Citing a Rastafarian Reggae musician as his foreign policy authority, Obama ruminated,
"When Peter Tosh sings that 'everybody's asking for peace, but nobody's asking for justice,' one is forced to wonder whether . . . [various] issues, severed from economic and political issues, might be another instance of focusing on the symptoms of a problem, instead of the disease itself."

[quoted by Carolyn Glick, JPost 7-6-2009]

Well, different people define justice differently. The Muslim definition of justice is especially problematic because in the strict Muslim view, justice exists when and where Muslims rule over non-Muslims with the latter in a distinctly inferior, humiliating position. Now Obama is demanding "peace" without justice, as he claimed in his notorious Cairo speech that building homes for Jews to live in Judea-Samaria "undermines efforts to achieve peace."

Be that as it may, I and many others believe that justice means, among other things, overcoming the bigotry of Muslim law in the Middle East, granting equality of rights and human dignity to non-Muslims as well as Muslims. When Muslims had unchallenged control over the Land of Israel, they humiliated Jews here, who had few rights. As dhimmis, Jews suffered all sorts of indignities, which I have detailed on earlier posts on this blog [search for "dhimma" and "dhimmi"]. The Arab Muslims and many Arabic-speaking Christians in this country denied the Jews' right of return to their land, although this right is specifically acknowledged by the Quran, the Arabs' holy book, itself [search for posts on Quran and Zionism in this blog]. Unfortunately, Britain which had accepted the international commitment of fostering development of the Jewish National Home in Israel violated its commitment. This followed Arab requests/demands to stop Jewish immigration to the Land of Israel, demands made in 1939 on the eve of the Holocaust. Now Arabs called "palestinians" make similar demands --Abu Mazen demands a stop to all Jewish settlement as a precondition for negotiations with Israel. Again unfortunately, freshman US president Barack Hussein Obama agrees with the Arab demand that "all settlement activity" must stop. Hence Obama is agreeing with a racist Arab demand, a demand which reflects traditional Arab-Muslim supremacist thinking. Therefore, Obama is a racist against Jews or goes along with racism against Jews. In contrast to his opinion in 1983 when writing for a college student magazine, he no longer is concerned about Justice or, shall we say, he is only adheres to the Muslim notion of justice which is hostile to Jews and other non-Muslims.

In this context, news about the meeting between the Anointed One and 16 so-called "Jewish leaders" reflects a shameful situation of toadying to a Judeophobe. To be sure, Obama stacked the deck by excluding Jewish leaders who were likely to disagree with him or challenge him convincingly. Hence, there was no real meeting between obama and Jewish leaders but only between obama and his Jewish toadies.

Getting back to the quote from Obama above, the "disease," the real "problem," is Judeophobia, both on the part of Arab/Muslims and Westerners. That problem is the main obstacle to peace.

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