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Emet m'Tsiyon

Monday, July 13, 2009

What Jewish Leaders Should Tell President Obama

Prez Obama is supposed to meet American Jewish leaders today. Here are some of the things that they should tell him:

1-- His anti-settlement policy is anti-Jewish racism.

2-- The State Department and UK Foreign Office opening to Hamas is tantamount to favoring Nazis since Hamas has clearly Nazi purposes. The Hamas Charter in general and Article 7 in particular call for genocide against the Jews, based on medieval Muslim teachings.

3-- His policy of denying Jewish rights to live in Judea-Samaria endangers the rights of American Jews to live wherever in the United States the Judeophobes, like obama and gang, don't want them to. [On this point, Professor Alan Dershowitz is simply a fool].

4-- There has never been a "Palestinian people" in all history. Those Arabs themselves did not see themselves as a distinct people nor did they or other Arabs perceive a distinct country called "palestine."

5-- The Arabs as Muslims oppressed, persecuted, and economically exploited Jews [and other non-Muslims] for 1400 years in the status of dhimmis.

6-- Arab nationalists, particularly the leading palestinian Arab politician and Muslim religious leader, Haj Amin el-Husseini [husayni], Mufti of Jerusalem, collaborated with the Nazis in general and in the Holocaust in particular.

7-- American universities disgrace themselves day after day with pro-Nazi liars on their faculties, slandering the Jews. Hence, it is difficult for younger Americans to form fact-based, well informed opinions about Arab and Israeli matters. One of the big liars is Obama's friend, Rashid al-Khalidi, who worked as a PLO propagandist.

8-- The PLO and its leading faction, Fatah, do not want peace with Israel. Only the peace of the grave for Israel. Consider the broadcasts full of anti-Jewish lies and war incitement on palestinian authority TV, radio, newspapers, schools, mosques, etc. They teach hate not peace or coexistence, aided and abetted by European Union funds and money from the USA too.

9-- Jonathan Pollard is unjustly kept in jail in that his sentence for espionage was much longer that given to others sentenced for espionage around the same time as he. His sentence is practically a life sentence whereas an Egyptian sentenced around the same time got only a few years. Likewise, Christopher Boyce and the Walker family. Pollard's extra-harsh sentence violates the "cruel and unusual punishments" clause of the US Bill of Rights [Amendment 8] of the US constitution. Obama is supposed to know the Constitution as a law professor. Pollard's sentence represents anti-Jewish discrimination, Judeophobia, in the American body politic.

10-- To think that the US or other outside powers can force peace on a conflict like the Arab-Israeli one, or that they really want peace, is ridiculous. If the US, UK, EU really wanted peace, they could start by reducing the huge funds that they give to the palestinian authority and Hamas in Gaza.

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