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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sarkozy Tries to Bring Obama back down to Earth

One blogger wrote that Sarkozy "emasculated" Obama at the special Security Council meeting last Thursday in New York, that was supposed to be devoted to avoiding nuclear proliferation. I would not go so far as that blogger, but it seems to me that Sarkozy embarassed the American president, in remarks that Sarkozy apparently made in sincere exasperation after listening to Obama talk about universal nuclear disarmament as his dream when the current problem, the immediate problem, is the obtaining of nuclear bombs by Iran and North Korea.

Sarkozy said:
Mr President Obama, I support the outstretched arm of the Americans.
What have these proposals for dialogue brought to the international community?
More enriched uranium, more centrifuges, and to top it off, last but not least [Sarkozy's words in English], a declaration by the Iranian leaders proposing to erase a member of the United Nations from the map. There is a time when the facts are stubborn and one must take decisions. If we want a world without nuclear weapons on the way, let us not accept violations of the international rules. [additional text translated here][CNN video]

And in the original French:
Monsieur Président Obama, je soutiens la main tendue des Américains.
Qu'ont amené à la communauté internationale ces propositions de dialogue?
Rien. Plus d’uranium enrichi, plus de centrifugeuses, et de surcroît, last but not least [en anglais], une déclaration des dirigeants iraniens proposant de rayer de la carte un membre de l’Organisation des Nations Unies. Il y a un moment où les faits sont têtus et il faut prendre des décisions. Si nous voulons un monde sans armes nucléaires à l’arrivée, n’acceptons pas la violation des règles internationale. [L'article sur ce suject sur L'Express, 25 Septembre 2009, ici]
At least somebody among the world's political leaders, understands reality. While Obama avoided talking about how to deal with Iran, which violates its signature on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, speaking more generally instead about "a world without nuclear weapons," Sarkozy was quite specific. He mentioned Iran's violation of international law referring implicitly to both its violation of its signature on the Non-Proliferation Treaty and to its threat to destroy Israel, whereas threats against other states are also forbidden by the UN Charter.

The American people probably did not realize what problems they were going to get into by electing President Obama. With all his delays and postponed deadlines and evasion of the issue, one might think that he wants Iran to get nuclear bombs!! Zbig Brzezinski would be proud of his protégé.
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  • on June 19, 2007, your blog had information on an article by Milka Levy-Rubin--but you did not cite where the article is found. I'd like to read the original if possible--what journal was it in? do you have any addtional cites to articles by her or to articles dealing with the same subject (Eretz Israel in the early Islamic period) thanks--shabbat shalom, hag sameach--next week please reply to my email at
    robert.whitehill@verizon.net or on this blogsite.

    By Blogger robert, at 5:48 PM  

  • Robert,
    Milka Levy-Rubin's article that I referred to was published in Hebrew in the quarterly journal Cathedra of the Ben Zvi Institute in Jerusalem. See Cathedra no. 121 [September 2006]. The article is in Hebrew but there is a summary in English.

    Now Dr Levy-Rubin is mentioned in all three of the blog posts linked to below.




    I'm glad to find some people interested in these important subjects.
    Shavu`a Tov

    By Blogger Eliyahu m'Tsiyon, at 8:50 PM  

  • I greatly dislike Carter, but how did he push Shah out? Shah escaped a day before victorious Khomeini landed in Tehran

    By Anonymous Dan - Israeli Uncensored News, at 12:42 AM  

  • Dan, you are probably too young to have been aware of what was going on in Iran in late 1978 and early 1979. The US govt pushed out the Shah. The prez at that time was carter. So whether the Shah fled two days before Khomeini arrived or two hours before, is immaterial. Carter and Brzezinski and US representatives on the ground were pushing the Shah's generals not to defend the Shah. They pressured the Shah to leave. And so on. You should look up some serious articles on this matter. The only one that I can think of at this time is an article by George Lenczowski, published in the American Spectator in the early 1980s, maybe 1981. But since helping Khomeini take power was so disastrous, nobody wants to take "credit" for it. And it does not get written about.

    Try reading books by and about the Shah. Maybe there is a good biography of him.

    By Blogger Eliyahu m'Tsiyon, at 6:09 PM  

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