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Monday, March 15, 2010

Clinton & Axelrod See "insult," "affront" to United States in Israel's Decision to build homes, but no Insult by Arabs Honoring Murderess of American

Hilary Clinton claims that Israel's announcement of building housing for Jews in Jerusalem is "insulting" to the United States. White House flunkey David Axelrod called it an "affront" to the United States. Just parenthetically, it's always nice to see a stalwart old "leftist" like Axelrod worry about the honor of the United States.

Hilary said:
"But we have to make clear to our Israeli friends and partners that the two-state solution -- which we support, which the prime minister himself says he supports -- requires confidence-building measures on both sides," Clinton told CNN's Jill Dougherty. "And the announcement of the settlements the very day that the vice president was there was insulting." [CNN here]
Of course, she would never ask whether the "two-state solution" would really bring peace, or whether it would be any more than a second Final Solution. Nor does she mention any "confidence building measures" demanded of the Palestinian Arab side. But there may have been one, albeit not very significant. And here Clinton missed what was clearly an insult to the United States. The Palestinian Authority was supposed to hold a ceremony while Biden was in Israel that was to honor an Arab terrorist who led a mass murder gang that slaughtered 38 Jews. They were to honor her --yes, a fine specimen of Arab-Muslim womanhood-- Dalal Mughrabi who led the notorious Coastal Road massacre of 1978. Because of Biden's presence in the country, the PA postponed the honoring ceremony until after Biden left, that is, for a few hours. That could be called a "confidence building measure." The honor was to dedicate the main square of Ramallah, the Palestinian Authority capital, to Miss Mughrabi.

Now where does American honor come into this? The first Jew that Mughrabi and her terrorists murdered in their paroxysmic cavalcade of mass murder, was an American citizen, Gail Rubin. Miss Rubin, a renowned nature photographer, was --just coincidentally-- the niece of a Democratic United States senator, Senator Abraham [Abe] Ribicoff. Curiously, American honor does not enter into the equation when the American victim is a Jew, not even the niece of US senator who belonged to Clinton and Obama's own Democratic Party.

White House Flunkey Axelrod said that "what happened was an affront, was an insult." He said this after kapo Jake Tapper of ABC News fed him some questions that Axelrod himself had probably supplied to Tapper. Anyhow, Tapper lied by calling the neighborhood in question "an Arab" area or neighborhood. The existing houses of Ramat Shlomo probably reach to about 1/2 kilometer on the west from the large, prosperous Arab houses of the Shu`afat neighborhood [doubters can come look and see for themselves]. However, I think that the planned new housing is to be built to the west and/or north of present Ramat Shlomo houses. But if Axelrod, Clinton and Tapper don't want Jews to live near Arabs, then that means they want apartheid to be enforced against Jews. Of course, the Palestinian Authority wants that.

Our main point is that American honor is insulted --as Obama, Clinton, and Axelrod define it-- when Jews build houses where the State Dept and Arab advocates of apartheid don't want Jews to live. In other words, when Jews get out of their place, when Jews rise above their station. The fact that the Palestinian Authority [basically run by Fatah] honors a murderess of an American woman does not dishonor the United States, not even when that victim was the niece of a US senator who happened to belong to the Democratic Party of Obama and Clinton. After all, the victim, Gail Rubin, and her uncle, Sen. Ribicoff, were Jews.

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