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Monday, March 08, 2010

Europe Promotes Apartheid in Jerusalem

"The negro . . . had no rights which the white man was bound to respect"
[Dred Scott v. Sandford, US Supreme
Court decision, 1857]

We are living in the era of total war, mass murder and the Big Lie. The last named facilitates the first two. The currently fashionable Big Lie is that Israel is an "apartheid state." It seems that apartheid has become a smear word for one's enemies that no longer has a specific, objective meaning. What it meant in South Africa is far from Israel's reality. But the Israelophobes don't care. At the same time, ironically, countries where this Big Lie is commonly propagated actually advocate, even demand, apartheid in Israel, particularly in Jerusalem, a city which has had a Jewish majority since the mid-19th century, although Arab irregular forces starting in December 1947, later joined by Transjordan's Arab Legion, ethnically cleansed Jewish neighborhoods in what became "East Jerusalem" under Arab rule. Jews were forbidden by Jordanian law [Transjordan changed its name to Jordan circa 1950] to live anywhere under Jordanian rule, including formerly Jewish neighborhoods of Hebron and "East Jerusalem" plus a number of farming settlements such as in the Gush Etsion area, `Atarot and Neveh Ya`aqov in northeastern Jerusalem, etc.

European Union member states with representations in Jerusalem actually work to promote apartheid between Jewish and Arab Jerusalemites. According to EU rules, the national day celebrations and festivities held by the consulates of these states in Jerusalem must comprise separate receptions for Jews and Arabs. Teddy Kollek protested against this policy repeatedly when he was mayor, to no avail. The Euros insisted on apartheid.

Moreover, in order to promote Arab nationalism and Islamic interests, the EU wants to divide Jerusalem, where, as said above, Jews have been the majority since the mid-19th century, since 1853 at least. The EU went so far as to sponsor a "concert" for youth with the Irish singer, Sinead O'Connor, circa 1997, that was to call for division of the city. Fortunately, this racist "concert" did not take place because not enough tickets were sold.

Kollek protested this European practice of apartheid in the way that he thought most practicable. He boycotted national day celebrations by the Euro govts that practiced this racist policy.
This use of the "apartheid" label by those, both Arabs and Westerners, that in fact want to impose apartheid on Israeli Jews, is another sign of the Orwellian character of our times. Here is one report on Kollek's policy:

Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek's office announced today that Kollek is planning to boycott next week's Bastille Day celebration sponsored by the French Consulate here to protest the longstanding diplomatic practice of holding separate social receptions for Arabs and Jews.

The policy of separate receptions is one of several western diplomatic practices Israelis contend deny the reality that Jerusalem is Israel's capital and, since 1967, has been united under its rule. But many Palestinians argue that to hold only one reception in the Jewish part of the city, where most of the consulates have their main offices, would amount to tacit recognition of Israel's 1967 annexation of their sector. [Washington Post, July 7, 1987][see here]

Now the EU govts as well as the US State Department, demand that Jews not be allowed to live in what was "East Jerusalem" for 19 years, not even on Jewish-owned real estate. Those were 19 years of exclusion of Jews, of refusal to allow Jews access to Jewish holy places, of taking Jewish tombstones from the Mount of Olives and using them to pave a path to a Jordanian army latrine, etc. The govts now members of the EU never complained about Jordanian abuse of Jewish tombstones in that demeaning way. But now they echo all sorts of bizarre Arab complaints. This is most repugnant when coming from the British who facilitated the Arab expulsion of Jews from Jerusalem neighborhoods in the period of civil war in the country initiated by the Arabs shortly after the UN General Asssembly recommended partitioning the Land of Israel ["palestine"] into a Jewish state, an Arab state, and an internationally governed enclave in and around Jerusalem [also meant to include Bethlehem, Beyt Sahur, and Beyt Jala]. Now Britain and the other Euro friends of Arab fascism deny the Jews the right to return to places whence Jews were expelled in the period from 30 November 1947 up to the first truce in June 1948. That is, according to the EU and the US State Dept, Jews don't have the right to come back to Jewish-owned real estate. Jews today are in the position of the American Blacks according to the notorious Dred Scott decision of the US Supreme Court:

"The negro . . . had no rights which the white man was bound to respect"

Just change "negro" to Jew and change "white man" to Arab or Westerner --or both together-- and you have the situation today.

Fiamma Nirenstein, a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, formerly an Italian journalist stationed in Jerusalem, wrote on the "apartheid" Big Lie. I intend to translate the article in full or nearly so. Here are excerpts from it:
Apartheid Week against Israel . . . is one of the most intellectually repugnant events ever conceived. . .
In Israel everything is in contrast [with South African apartheid]: Each and every institution is multiethnic and multireligious. Racist theories and racial discrimination are forbidden by law; in the hospitals Arab and Jewish women give birth in beds side by side, cared for by Arab and Jewish staff, children and patients in general come from throughout the Arab world to be treated. They are welcomed with love. At the university, the Arab and Jewish students study together and also Arab professors, sometimes very aggressive towards Zionism, teach with Jews and to Jews, while Arab books of every kind are translated. Arab citizens sit in the Knesset, Israel's parliament, and in the government [the cabinet]. They raise their dissent (always!) without fear that someone is lying in wait for them to punish them, the only Arabs in the Middle East [to have that freedom of expression]. [Il Giornale, 7 March 2010]
I should add that there is an Arab judge on the Supreme Court, and Arabs have highly responsible positions in other public and state institutions. Further, about our hospitals, my wife went to the eye clinic at the Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus yesterday. She told me that half or more of the patients waiting there were Arabs. While waiting her turn, she had a pleasant conversation there with two other patients. One was an Arabic-speaking Christian young woman, from Nazareth, who was studying in a course in Jerusalem to become a radiology technician. The other was an Armenian young man living in the Old City.

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Also see:
Two earlier posts on Emet m'Tsiyon for photos of reality in Israel [here & here].

Seth Frantzman on EU funding of Arab and Palestinian Authority bodies that work to undermine Israeli society and besmirch Israel's image around the world.

Soft Euro colonialism, high handed Euro arrogance in Israel [here]. This EU statement against Jewish housing in formerly Jordanian-occupied parts of Jerusalem is a racist, pro-apartheid declaration. It speaks in the name of law, international law, using false representations, misrepresentations, of international law, in order to impose on Jews in the Land of Israel the same territorial segregation of Jews and disregard for Jewish property rights that prevailed for centuries both in Europe and the Arab lands [conquered by Arab invaders in the 7th and 8th centuries], both in Christendom and the Islamic domain. The Euro fakers use "human rights" rhetoric and slogans to promote apartheid against Jews, as NGOs funded by the EU slander Israel as an "apartheid state."
Catherine Ashton, an uppity British upper cruster, elected foreign affairs commissioner of the EU, had this to say about Jewish residential rights in Jerusalem, a city made important to the world by and through Jewish history where Jews have been the majority since the mid-19th century:
Ashton condemned Israel's plan to expand a Jewish neighborhood in disputed east Jerusalem, saying it should reverse the decision and "refrain from unilateral decisions and actions that may jeopardize the final status negotiations."

"The EU reiterates that settlements are illegal under international law," Ashton said in a statement. "They undermine current efforts for restarting peace negotiations ... and threaten to make a two-state solution impossible."
[Jerusalem Post, 10 March 2010]

Ashton and other EU Judeophobes & imperialists misrepresent international law with the claim that building homes for Jews in Jerusalem is "illegal under international law."
For Ashton's ilk, "law" and "international law" are only useful for bashing states that they don't like. When Iran violates the UN Charter [Article 2, clause 4] by threatening war against Israel and threatening to destroy Israel, that does not especially bother her if at all. The constant hate-Israel, hate-Jews agitprop coming out of Arab states, as well as from the Palestinian Authority and Hamas-ruled Gaza does not bother her. She may well agree with much of it. Indeed, one of Ashton's British upper crusty sisters, Baroness Jenny Tonge who sits in the House of Lords, claimed that Israel's medical mission to Haiti to aid earthquake victims was stealing organs from patients for resale [medically impossible, since organs for transplant cannot be shipped around like a commodity].
3-17-2010 Emmanuele Ottolenghi analyzes Catherine Ashton's Cairo speech. Ottolenghi informs his readers that Ashton is a "lady," specifically Lady Ashton [here]. I call her a Euro bitch. When it comes to Europe's new Nazis in "liberal" anti-imperialist garb, I am not a gentleman.

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