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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Armenian Spokesman Tells Us that Erdogan is a Hypocrite, then flips to the Arab Side

An Armenian spokesman tells us that Erdogan of Turkey is a hypocrite. That's an important acknowledgment. Then he tries to get back on the Arabs' good side by telling Erdogan what to do if he really wanted to support the "palestinians" and hurt Israel [shut down the Israeli embassy in Ankara, call back the Turkish ambassador to Israel, etc]. These measures have partly come to pass and the rest may come in the future.
In the past week the world witnessed an amazing performance by a government leader that even the most accomplished Hollywood actor could not match!

Turkey’s Prime Minister deserves an Oscar for presenting himself as a great humanitarian and protector of Palestinians. The people of Gaza are certainly oppressed and deprived, but Erdogan is not their knight in shining armor! One cannot champion human rights with unclean hands!
This is the height of hypocrisy!

- How could Turkey blockade Armenia for 17 years and credibly call on Israel to lift its blockade of Gaza? [see here]

But the writer's primary hatred is reserved for Israel, not for Turkey. Maybe "Christkillers" are still "Christkillers" even in the 21st century. But if the writer wants to keep the world "Left" from putting a halo on Erdung's head --and through him on Turkish history, making Turkish history nearly sacred-- then he will have to focus more on Erdung's faults, on the IHH, and on Turkey's other historical offenses, expelling Anatolian Greeks in 1922, massacres of Kurds today, the 1955 Constantinople pogrom, the 1974 invasion of Cyprus, including "ethnic cleansing" of the north of the island, offenses against Jews during the Ottoman conquest. Of course, some Jews see Turkey as rather liberal and tolerant of Jews when the Christian West was blatantly intolerant towards Jews. Let him deal with that too.

How could Turkey claim to be champion of the Palestinian cause and leader of the Islamic world, while being Israel’s closest military ally in the Middle East for over a half century, and allowing Israeli jets to carry out practice bombing runs in Turkish airspace against Arab countries and Iran?

- How could Syria, Iraq and Iran trust Turkey, when it jeopardizes their national security by permitting Israeli listening posts along the border to collect intelligence on their countries.

. . . . .

How could Turkish leaders claim that Israel is a "terrorist state," while continuing to maintain a military alliance and multi-billion dollar trade with the Jewish state? Turkey pretended to side with Arab states, all the while conspiring with Israel to damage their national security!

Israel and the United States share responsibility for Turkey’s hypocritical behavior -- they joined in supporting, defending and covering up numerous Turkish violations of human rights, denial of the Armenian Genocide, and suppression and ethnic cleansing of the Kurdish minority. In the past 60 years, the United States and other NATO members gave billions of dollars in foreign aid and military assistance to Turkey, vainly expecting to win its loyalty. This was a massive waste of U.S. resources, as Turkey did not even allow American troops to go across its border at the start of the Iraq war!

Turkey cleverly exploited Israel’s ill-advised attack on the Gaza aid flotilla, and sought to fill the vacuum created by the irresponsible inaction of Arab states. Erdogan is just as guilty as Israel’s leaders for causing the killing and wounding of the aid activists. He tacitly encouraged them to set sail to Gaza, knowing full well that there would be a bloody confrontation which would boost his own standing at home and abroad. Turkey’s junior brother, Azerbaijan, also gets a medal for hypocrisy as it issued a timid condemnation of Israel, so it could continue to buy arms and sell oil to that country. So much for Turkish-Azeri solidarity!

Of course, over the years, the Israeli government has acted just as hypocritically as Turkey’s leaders. While countering any and all manifestations of Holocaust revisionism, Israeli officials have shown no reluctance in supporting Turkey’s denials of the Armenian Genocide. But now that Erdogan has raised his voice against Israel to a fever pitch, Israelis have jumped at the opportunity of using the possibility of recognizing the Armenian Genocide as a weapon against
Turkey. Armenians must reject such dishonesty. The Israeli government was not sincere when it denied the Armenian Genocide, and it is not sincere now in supporting its recognition! It is shameful to play cheap political games with an issue as horrendous and devastating as genocide. Israel and others should recognize the Armenian Genocide for only one reason: It is the absolute truth!

So far, Turkey has been all talk and no action on the Palestinian issue. Erdogan has not gone beyond giving fiery speeches against Israel. If he is honest about defending the Palestinians, he might consider:

1. Canceling all military contacts and contracts with Israel;
2. Abrogating all public and secret military and strategic agreements with Israel, including intelligence-sharing; and
3. Closing down the Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv and Israel’s Embassy in Ankara. [The author is Harut Sassounian, publisher of the California Courier, see here]

This Armenian author goes so far as to recommend to the Turks what to do in order to really hurt Israel and show loyalty to the "palestinian" cause. Patience, creep, it is all coming.

- - - - - - - - - -

Here is another article on Turkey's role in regard to Armenian genocide recognition and to the recent provocation by the break the blockade pro-terrorist auxiliary Turkish armada [here]. This one is by a rabbi and displayed on an Armenian site.

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