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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Euro Hypocrites Forget Turkish Mass Murder of Armenians -- Israelis Remember - Photos of a Tel Aviv Demonstration

UPDATING 6-7-2010 see at bottom

Western & Islamic Hypocrites forget the Turkish crime of the Armenian genocide. Israelis remembered at a Tel Aviv demonstration on Monday night, May 31, 2010 [photos below].

It seems that Judeophobia/Israelophobia is a magic glue that brings Christian and Muslim, Greek and Turk, Arab and Irish together [& here]. It is also a narcotic that makes Western "liberals" and "humanitarians" forget all of Turkey's past and present injustices -- because Turkey is now on the right side against the "Christkillers" and for the poor, innocent, innocuous, persecuted, collective Jesus, the "palestinians", merely the sub-group of Arabs living in the Land of Israel. Indeed, in the midst of Greece's economic difficulties, the prime minister found time to criticize Israel while Greek "humanitarians" sailed with Turkish Islamists to besmirch Israel and bring succor to "crucified" Arabs. While doing so, these Greeks forget the Smyrna Affair of 1922 when Ataturk's Turkish army literally drove the Anatolian Greeks into the sea at the port of Smyrna, massacring the Armenian remnant in Smyrna at the same time. The Greek embrace of their old enemies in a common struggle, a crusade-cum-crescentade against the Jews shows the power of the Judeophobic narcotic in the benighted 21st century.

Euro progressives are eager to open the sea route to Gaza so that very large, more advanced weapons can be brought in to use against the "Christkillers." Prime Minister Brian Cowen of the Republic of Eire wants ships from his far off misty isle to land in Gaza without any Israeli inspection of what their contents may be. As the French used to say when they were wiser: Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. In Hebrew, אין חדש תחת השמש [There is nothing new under the sun]. Old wine in new bottles. But the new progressive, Western humano, liberal Judeophobia can be resisted.

Meanwhile, look at these beautiful demonstrators in Tel Aviv Monday night.

Photos from the Muqata blog [here]. Photos taken by M Brener. - - - - - - - - - - -
Our previous posts on the fake "humanitarian" flotilla [here & here]
Robert Pollock in the Wall Street Journal describes the sick thinking of Erdogan [here]. Erdo is much more dangerous than Washington would like to imagine.
A Catholic bishop was stabbed to death in southeastern Turkey by his own driver [here]. This follows a series of murders of Christian religious personalities since Erdogan came to power in 2002. Erdogan has highly exacerbated the climate of hate already existing in Turkey for non-Muslims.

UPDATING June 7, 2010
Gilles William Goldnadel, leader of the Association France-Israel, answers Le Figaro magazine [4 juin 2010]:
LeF: . . . Israel has lost its principal ally in the region, Turkey.

GWF: Things were only getting worse with the Islamist Turkey of Erdogan. He succeeded in his coup d'etat against the Turkish army and is in the process of changing that country. I would have liked Netanyahu to say before the Israeli parliament [in his speech of Wednesday, 6-2-2010] that he does not accept any lessons in humanity from a state that denies the Armenian genocide, that bombards the Kurds, and that occupies the northern part of Cyprus, a member of the European Union.

. . . Israël a perdu son principal allié dans la région, la Turquie.

Avec la Turquie islamiste d'Erdogan, les choses n'ont fait qu'empirer. Il a réussi son coup d'Etat contre l'armée turque et il est en train de changer ce pays. J'aurais aimé que Netanyahou dise devant le Parlement israélien qu'il n'accepte aucune leçon d'humanité de la part d'un Etat qui nie le génocide arménien, qui bombarde les Kurdes et qui occupe la partie nord de Chypre, un membre de l'Union européenne

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