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Emet m'Tsiyon

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Passengers and leaders of the Turkish Armada Tell that They Sought "Martyrdom"

UPDATING 6-7 & 7-16-2010

Here are two videos from the Arab TV media. Speaking to their fellow Muslims, Arab and Turkish friends and practitioners of terrorism tell the truth. Those who died were hoping to die, for the sake of Allah, in the path of jihad, and all that.

Several interviews in the Arab and Iranian press tell the true aims and practices of the jihadis on the ship Mavi Marmara. These jihadis were both Turks and Arabs, the Turks having been organized by the IHH, a terrorist aid body that was connected to the 2000 attempt to bomb the LAX [LA airport]. One of the interviews has two voices speaking at the same time. The interviewee was speaking Turkish which was translated into an Arabic voiceover. See interviews [video here].

The second video is of Bulent Yildirim, head of the IHH Islamic fake "charity." He tells the enthusiastically admiring mob in Gaza that he brings greetings from Saladin & Sultan Abdul Hamid. Abdul Hamid was the sultan who organized slaughter of Armenians in the late 19th century. Then he tells the mob, imbued with enthusiasm like Germans at one of Hitler's Nuremberg rallies, that there are 70 million Abdul-Hamid's in Turkey. That is just about the whole population of Turkey. Armenian spokesmen have been strangely quiet over the past two weeks as Turkish prime minister Erdogan picked up brownie points from the "left" and "humanitarian" and "human rights" crowds. If Erdung is indeed bestowed with the halo that the humano fakers are trying to place on his head, then Armenian claims for justice vis-a-vis the Turks will be forgotten and/or considered petty or trivial. The Armenians will be seen as nags at best. Their demands for recognition of the Armenian genocide will be routinely dismissed. After all, the Turks wear a halo. They support the "palestinians," seen in much of the West as a collective Jesus figure, while Israel, the collective Jew, is still blamed for the crucifixion. Hence, the Turks are now the Christian good guys, the Crusaders for the faith against the "Christkillers," the Jews. How many in the West will care about the Armenians in that situation?? Or about the Greeks for that matter, given that Greeks too have a list of historical grievances against the Turks?? See Yildirim's rabble rousing speech here [video].

For more on the Phoney Humano Flotilla see our several previous posts preceding this one.
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UPDATING 6-7-2010 It's funny that Arab & Turkish jihadis can be frank and say where they stand, at least when speaking Arabic & Turkish. However, Western "news" agencies embellish their words and the photos that show them in their bloodthirsty mode, carrying knives and ranting and chanting for bloodshed. Little Green Footballs discovered that Reuters was working hard to cover up for the IHH jihadis. See here.
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UPDATING 7-16-2010 The New York Times finally tells of the terrorist ties of the IHH, the Turkish group behind the Turkish Thug Armada, and of its ties to high Turkish officials [here]

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