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Monday, May 30, 2011

Year-Old Latma Satire Had It Right on Assad Basher & Obama's Soft Spot for Him

UPDATING 6-2&20&22&30&7-1-2011 at bottom

The Peace in Peace Process refers to peace
of mind for Judeophobes

Sometimes art anticipates reality, or reads reality more accurately than the professional pundits, analysts and commentators. In June of last year, the Latma satirists produced The Three Terrors, named after the three famous operatic tenors, Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras, but modeled in character after Ahmadinejad, Erdogan [Erdung], and Assad Basher.

At one point the Assad character sings:
. . . and I a serial killer who should spend all his life in jail [chorus: oy vey, oy vey] . . .
Of course he is a serial killer. But he doesn't do it one at a time, to be sure. He slaughters en masse and his minions torture as well. Perhaps the video of Assad Basher's troops placing a protestor in the path of tank treads can convince even the hardest hearts in the West and among the anti-Israel crowd that Jews would be treated this way too, if Assad's gangsters could get a hold of them. In any case, the repeated cruelty of the Assad regime over the past 10 weeks does not seem to have much moved the Western "human rights crowd." Where are the demos in London, Paris, Milan and Berlin calling for international intervention to save millions of Arabs from Assad's butchery? Where are all the friends of the Arabs who get upset when Assad's household terrorists --those whom he deploys abroad-- shoot rockets at Israeli children, as does Hamas, and then Israel strikes back? When Israel strikes back, those unrepentant or unreconstructed Euros get angry. But when Arabs are slaughtered by Arab tyrants, we hear no public condemnation. The same goes for when Israel struck back at Hizbullah in 2006 after the Hizb raided across the border killing and kidnapping a dozen soldiers. The Euros protested then. But when the Hizb attacked fellow Arabs, civilians in Beirut, in 2008, no Euro protests were audible.

The Three Terrors does not spare Ahmadinejad whose government has been working for a nuclear bomb for some 20 years. The A-jad character thanks Obama for his help for the Iranian bomb project:
I wish to thank Obama for his patience, for playing dumb, [chorus: for playing dumb ] 'cause now I got the peace of mind to build me a nuclear bomb [chorus: the nuclear bomb]. . .
Obama and Bush before him have facilitated the Iranian Bomb project. Back in 2003 the US and other Western powers were giving A-jad "a last chance." But the last chance was not really the last. And now Iran is close to having the Bomb or has already achieved one or two such bombs.

As we said, art sometimes anticipates reality. In this case it really is not funny.
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6-1-2011 Jennifer Rubin on Obama's promised largesse to Egypt & Tunisia plus his continued indulgence of Assad Basher [here]
6-2-2011 Hilary Clinton has conducted a thorough study of the matter, using quantum mechanics, boolean algebra and supercomputers, and has scientifically, mathematically concluded that Assad Basher's ". . . legitimacy. . . is, if not gone, nearly run out." [here]. Her scientific approach included careful measurement of the legitimacy that Junior Basher had stored up when the Vogue issue came out with the puff story on his wife, the "Rose of the Desert." Hilary's patient, scientific, almost scholarly approach to this issue is why she is so highly paid.
6-10-2011 Leon Wieseltier on how Obama's Syria policy betrays both America's values and America's interests [here]
6-12-2011 Lee Smith on the good sides and bad sides of the Arab Spring [here]
Leon Hadar sees the "Arab Spring" as more a series of conflicts between tribes, politicized religious sects, powerful factions and families than as an unalloyed drive for liberal freedoms [here]
Con Coughlin has negative thoughts about the outcomes of some of the Arab Spring revolts [here]
6-15-2011 Tony Badran says that Obama doesn't want to do anything to stop Assad [here]. "Syrians are fully aware who stands behind them in the international community. In recent weeks, they have burned the flags of China, Russia, and Iran. Why haven't they burned the American flag? Perhaps it's because they still hold out hope that Washington will come to their aid. That hope is itself a form of leverage. Obama should not squander it by continuing to bet on Assad as he murders people in the street."
6-20-2011 Jackson Diehl wrote an excellent column for the Washington Post on Obama's two-faced attitude toward the Middle East, soft on Assad and tough on Israel [here]
6-22-2011 Lee Smith presents us with a powerful package of perspicacious insights about the obstacles to making peace between Israel and Syria [here]
6-30-2011 Basher Assad's little goons of the Hizbollah were busy six years ago getting rid of an enemy [or obstacle] of the Assad gang, the Hizbollah and the Iranian ayatollahs' regime [here]. This enemy was Rafiq Hariri, killed by a car bomb or truck bomb with 22 others. The Special Tribunal for Lebanon has finally submitted indictments of four Hizb leaders to Lebanese officials.
Corriere's report is [qui]
Neil MacDonald of the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. wrote up an extensive account of the STP investigation back in November 2010 [here]. This article is for those who really want to get into the subject.
7-1-2011 William Harris on the indictments of Hizbullah big guns in the Hariri murder case [here]
Michael Rubin on Obama's similarity to Assad toady Dennis Kucinich [here]
Evelyn Gordon [here] on Obama' latest Syria policy --stated by Hilary the other day. Assad should still stay in power in Syria in order to lead a "transition" to --- reforms -- in cooperation with the opposition whose rank and file he has been torturing and slaughtering for months. Is this bizarre or just weird?
Jonathan Tobin points out that the indictments of Hizbullah terrorist officials in the Hariri by the Special Tribunal on Lebanon begs the question of what Obama is going to do. Not only about Lebanon & Hizbullah but about Syria that supports and enables Hizbullah [& Iranian] domination of the Land of the Cedars. [here]

This all goes to support our theory that Obama pushed to get rid of Mubarak in Egypt while supporting Assad's staying in power in Syria for one and the same reason: His strategy is to surround Israel with hostile regimes: on the south, [Syrian-supported] Hamas in Gaza and an Egyptian govt under Muslim Brotherhood influence; in the north and northeast, Hizbullah [an arm of the Holocaust-denying Iranian ayatollahs] in Lebanon & the Iranian allied Assad regime in Syria. Bear in mind that the Assad regimes's politcal party, the Ba`ath was founded in emulation of the German Nazis. That Assad's Syria has helped the anti-American terrorists in Iraq is apparently of no consequence to Obama & his deep thinkers in DC, like Lee Hamilton & Zbig brzzzski.

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