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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spain drove the Jews out of Spain, now Spain's socialist govt wants to drive the people of Israel out of the Land of Israel

UPDATING 8-22-2011 at bottom

Anti-Zionism is the anti-imperialism of fools

More than 500 years ago, Spain didn't want the Jews in their country. Now it turns out that the Socialist govt of Spain doesn't want the Jews in their own country, in the Jews' country. That is, in Israel.

Guysen reports the statement of the Spanish foreign minister, one Trinidad Jiménez.

Ms Trinidad Jiménez, foreign minister of Spain,
expressed the wish that the meeting of European Union foreign affairs ministers, scheduled for next week, will move ahead the recognition of a Palestinian state. In an interview with the newspaper El Pais, she stated: "There is a feeling that now is the moment to do something, to give the Palestinians the hope that a state can become reality. We must give them a signal, for if we don't do so, that might generate great frustration among the Palestinians."
Espagne : il est temps de donner l'espoir d'un pays aux Palestiniens
La ministre espagnole des Affaires étrangères Trinidad Jimenez a fait le voeu que la réunion des ministres des Affaires étrangères de l'Union européenne, prévue la semaine prochaine fera progresser la reconnaissance d'un Etat palestinien. Dans une interview au journal El Païs, elle a affirmé : ''Il y a le sentiment que c'est le moment maintenant de faire quelque chose, de donner aux Palestiniens l'espoir qu'un Etat puisse devenir réalité. Nous devons leur donner un signal, car si nous ne le faisons pas, cela pourrait générer une grande frustration chez les Palestiniens''.
[Guysen News 8-21-2011]

So the EU and PLO/PA [here called "palestinians"] don't have to honor signed agreements with Israel. The EU doesn't have to respect its own "Quartet" guidelines for a settlement. The Jews don't deserve hope. The Jews don't deserve respect for their lives --note that this statement comes after murderous onslaughts by Arab/Muslim terrorists on Israel. International law regarding the conditions for determining that a state exists and that it deserves to be recognized as such are of no importance as the 21st century descendants of those who drove Jews out of Spain in 1492 repeat their ancestors' cruelty, this time not against Jews in Spain but against Jews in their own historic homeland. But the poor "palestinians", a people unknown to history, first appearing in the 1960s as a psychological warfare/cognitive warfare concept, have rights that the Jews, descended from ancient Israel, do not have. Maybe next week Madame Trinidad will tell us that the Jews ought to be punished for crucifying Jesus.
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8-21-2011 German Press Agency [Deutsche Presse Agentur - DPA] also reports on the Spanish FM's statement, although mistakenly identifying her as a male. A person of any gender that you can imagine can be deadly and dangerous in the office of foreign minister.
8-22-2011 UPDATING -- The Spanish ambassador to Israel was summoned to the Israeli foreign ministry today for an explanation of Madame Jiménez's simplistic concern over not causing "frustration" to those Arabs now fashionably identified as "palestinians." The ambassador is said to have explained that his minister was not understood [Israel Radio in French & in El Pais in Spanish].
The original interview in El Pais & a report in Spanish of the Spanish FM's silly or disingenuous remarks about "hope" for Arabs, not for Jews [aqui & in El Pais aqui]. This is a way for the Eurohypocrites to encourage the Arabs to make war on Israel and slaughter our civilians. The British are veteran practitioners of these warmongering tricks and it seems that Spanish diplomats have learned them too.

Israel complains to Spain over FM's comment on a Palestinian state [Israel Radio web site]

"The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem has voiced its objection to comments made by Spain's foreign minister that Madrid has decided to recognize a Palestinian state in ...The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem has voiced its objection to comments made by Spain's foreign minister that Madrid has decided to recognize a Palestinian state in order to allow the Palestinian people to realize their dream.
"The Spanish ambassador to Israel was summoned to the Foreign Ministry, where he was told by Deputy Director General for European Affairs, Naor Gilon, that the comments by the foreign minister were disappointing and surprising.
"The Spanish ambassador is said to have replied that the comments, in a Spanish newspaper interview, were not understood correctly, and that Spain has not yet decided how to vote when the United Naitons is expected to vote on a Palestinian state.
"The ambassador to Israel said that Spain would support such a resolution if it also stressed the need to return to the negotiating table and to ensure that Israel's security would be preserved in any agreement ."

Spain's disingenuous hypocrisy. Instead of telling the PLO/PA to negotiate for a state with Israel, it tells Israel and that the PLO/PA should negotiate after it is no longer necessary for them to negotiate in order to obtain a state. Recall that today's Socialist Spanish govt follows the same pro-Arab policy as Spain's fascist govt under Francisco Franco.

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