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Emet m'Tsiyon

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Researcher Edwin Black Finds Ford Foundation Indirectly Funding Bodies that Support Arab Anti-Israel Terrorism

Edwin Black has published a long series of books and articles on Modern Jewish history, particularly on how the Ford Foundation has funded NGOs and individuals that have called for boycotting Israel, doing away with Israel or  committing the now mundane violence against Israel and Israelis. For instance, Black wrote a series of articles for the JTA [Jewish Telegraphic Agency] detailing how various NGOs funded directly or indirectly by the Ford had joined together at the Durban "anti-racism" conference in 2001 and called for a boycott of Israel, as if Israel were a racist country and indeed the major racist country in the world.

Joshua Levitt, a reporter for the Algemeiner, originally a weekly Yiddish-language newspaper, now in English on the web, wrote a review and summary of Black's latest book. We are facing the Ford Foundation once again:


by Joshua Levitt


"Financing the Flames," a new book by "IBM and the Holocaust" author Edwin Black. 

In Edwin Black's new book, 'Financing the Flames,' the author of 'IBM and the Holocaust' follows the money trail to uncover the powers behind non-profit groups attempting to de-legitimize Israel.
The book focuses on the role played by the New Israel Fund, a non-profit initially funded by the Ford Foundation, that donates to hundreds of smaller non-profits, many of which Black ties to programs attacking Israel or attempting to de-legitimize the Jewish state.
Black's book explores NIF's funding sources and its out-sized influence as a lobbying force in the Knesset and as a destabilizing force for the IDF. He also profiles some of the fringe groups impacting Israel today and makes the case that Americans are indirectly funding a controversial Palestinian Authority program that pays convicted terrorists in Israeli jails.
In an interview with The Algemeiner, Black said the book was written to show U.S. taxpayers and the U.S. Congress how well-meaning intentions have transformed into a force that is threatening the Jewish state from within.
The Algemeiner was granted special permission by the author to cite the book's newsworthy passages extensively.
Black describes the opaque financing routes that have created the situation:
A superhighway of money goes directly from Israel's greatest adversaries into a vast interchange where it co-mingles with dollars, shekels, Euros, and yen from the finest financial nameplates and charitable funds in the world. This merged money courses throughout Israel with exit ramps into some of the most benevolent Arab programs—as well as those that stoke violence and confrontation.
In the case of NIF, the money can be traced back to the Ford Foundation, which Black described in a previous monograph entitled 'Financing Hate,' published by the JTA. . . . .
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For continuation of the above review and more on Black's latest book, go here.

For background on Henry Ford's hatred of Jews and on the Ford Foundation go to the two previous post on Emet m'Tsiyon here and here.

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