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Sunday, November 09, 2014

The European Union, United only against Israel: EU Commish Prez Stabs Euro Brethren in the Back

An Italian fellow whom I spoke to in Rome told me that there was no union, no real unity, in the European Union. We can see that in the austerity imposed on some of the economically weaker countries in the union, austerity which went so far as to remove health coverage from Greeks previously provided by their national health system. While traveling in Italy and France, everyone whom I spoke to about it, mourns the coming of the single currency, the Euro. They blame it for higher prices that came in when the Euro came in. So the EU, and the Eurozone [single currency zone] especially are blamed for oppressing citizens of EU countries and making their lives harder.

So the EU as a body is divided from its own populations. But Federica Mogherini, the new EU foreign affairs commissioner, reminded us of what the EU is united on. On her trip to Jerusalem, Ramallah and Gaza, she repeated the same old moronic platitudes and nostrums that Euro diplomats have been uttering for decades: Jerusalem should be the capital of two states and thus could show an example to the world, she declaimed at a press conference. Rather Jerusalem as the capital of two states would be a prescription for endless war, worse by far than the situation now of sporadic riots and terrorist attacks. The two-state notion too is dubious and unjust of course. Now Signora Mogherini seems to be an intelligent woman and may not actually believe in the nostrums and platitudes that her position requires her to utter. But it is the EU position. Jews have no right to live in Judea-Samaria. Of course, EU positions regarding Israel cannot be accepted as reasonable proposals but can only be seen as threats. Moreover, the EU and some of its member states finance pro-Arab, pro-Muslim NGOs --bodies pretending to be "non-governmental" agitating in the name of peace and human rights-- which demonize Israel, the 21st century's collective Jew whereas  Europeans have hated Jews over the centuries under other pretexts than today's alleged Israeli "aggression".

But there is more entertaining news out of the EU demonstrating its disunity and the inclination of one state to backstab the others. This story is especially spicy, involving as it does the new President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, He was prime minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for about 20 years. In that capacity he oversaw deals with some 300 multi-national and other major world companies which allowed them to use Luxembourg as a tax haven, something like a continental version of the Cayman Islands or a larger version of the Principality of Lichtenstein. The purpose of the agreements was to allow these mammoth concerns to evade taxes in their own countries. So Luxembourg benefited at the expense of its partners in the EU and other countries. And now one of the leading figures in the agreements with the companies is Prez of the EU Commission.

The firms involved include IKEA, Pepsi, Proctor & Gamble, Heinz, Glaxo, Amazon, AIG, Apple, Abbott Labs, and the Russian Gazprom. Price Waterhouse, the international accounting and auditing firm, helped negotiate favorable tax rulings for these firms with the Luxembourg authorities which amounted to evading taxes in their home countries.

Demonstrating the honesty, frankness and decency of the EU Commission president, Juncker recently declared: "Nobody was ever able to convince me that Luxembourg is a fiscal paradise" (La Repubblica 7 Novembre 2014). Juncker knew he was lying. Likewise, Signora Mogherini likely knew that her nostrums for Israeli-Arab peace were ridiculous, and would likely make the Arab-Israeli situation worse.

The EU is evil, corrupt, deceitful and oppressive.

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How Luxembourg and Juncker showed special pecuniary concern for the corrupt Palestinian Authority and its little performing civil service [here]
Nov. 11, 2014  Michael Freund believes that Signora Mogherini was hypocritical and duplicitous on her visit to the Land of Israel and that hypocrisy characterizes the EU's policy on Israel [here] et [ici]

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