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Monday, August 24, 2015

Beware of Obama's Stage Shows in Support of His Iran Deal - Watch for His Ventriloquist's Dummies

revised 8-24-2015

Barack Obama's political career has been marked by putting on shows to win over the public plus artful rhetoric and purple prose to mesmerize those who may have trouble thinking for themselves. Obama's great rhetorical, oratorical and thespian talents have allowed him to consolidate a hard core of devoted supporters who may have been educated in American universities but never learned to think for themselves. And are largely lacking in information. Obama and his staff rely on appeals to emotion and lofty values in order to promote his often harmful policies. They succeeded a great deal. Which is a great pity. Because they have swindled the American people in many ways. Just think of: If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

Even more threatening than Obama's medical care program that lessens medical care for more people than are helped by it is his Iran deal. I don't want to go into detail about the lack of independent, outside verification of Iran's nuclear facilities, the Iranian violation of their commitments to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the 10 to 15 year expiration term of the restrictions supposedly imposed by the deal [that is, if Iran doesn't cheat and get a  bomb beforehand], the 100 to 150 million dollars that Iran will get to pursue its bloody mischief in other Middle Eastern countries (not only Israel, but Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Iraq) and other important defects in deal. Since rational and knowledgeable and reasonable people recognize the problem with the deal, the problem becomes how to stop it and what techniques Obama will use to push it through. Watch  what Obama does as if he were a magician. What does he do with his left hand while pointing into the distance with his right hand??:

Kyle Shideler warns that Obama will stage shows in order to play on the public's emotions and have the people support a deal that is against their own interests. His article is entitled:

Americans Should Be Wary of Carefully Managed Productions Supporting Iran Deal

Kyle Shideler | Aug 19, 2015 [townhall.com]

Recently, three-dozen retired flag and general officers endorsed the Obama administration’s controversial Iran Deal. The Washington Free Beaconreported that former Rear Admiral James “Jamie” Barnett, an employee of the law firm and lobbying group Venable LLP, organized the letter.
Barnett, who took credit for producing the letter, told the Free Beacon that the White House played no role, despite that Barnett’s letter says, “I am working with the White House on a letter for retired General Officers and Flag Officers to sign, supporting the U.S.-Iran accord on nuclear armament.“
Adm. Barnett’s support for the deal is not necessarily surprising. Barnett has repeatedly taken public positions on military or national security related issues that align closely with those of the Obama White House, including opposition to “enhanced interrogation techniques,” in favor of changes to DOD’s Transgender policy, and applauding the use of national security as a reason to support school lunch changes proposed by First Lady Michelle Obama. In his capacity as a Venable employee, Barnett also worked a high profile case on sexual abuse in the military during a period at a moment when the White House was seized with the topic.
Barnett solicited signatures for the letter from his Venable work email, but denies that his employer played any role in the letter.
Given that Barnett had denied what appears to be obvious White House involvement, his other denial seems worthy of further investigation as well. Is there reason to believe that the firm has an interest in ending Iran sanctions?
Most immediately apparent is Venable’s close association with the Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans (PAAIA), an Iranian-American group, with its own political PAC. PAAIA is listed as one of Venable’s Non Profit Clients. PAAIA isopenly working in favor of the Iran Deal, and signed a joint statement with the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), a group with long-established ties to the Iranian regime. One of PAAIA’s “Founding Donors” was Venable Partner Robert S. Babayi.
Babayi is also the co-founder of the Iranian American Bar Association (IABA). Venable held presentations for the IABA on Iranian Americans living in or doing business in Iran and Iran sanctions laws. In March of 2010, IABA screened the anti-Guantanamo Bay detention facility movie “The Response” which was executive produced by Venable LLP. Venable represented Egyptian detainees at Guantanamo (the subject of the film), and Babayi’s email is listed as the RSVP email.
Babayi apparently left Venable to become Managing Director of Vector IP, a boutique Patent law firm in June 2014. Babayi is also a U.S. Advisory Team member for IBridges, an organization that works to promote High Tech entrepreneurship in Iran.
Venable may also have other interests in Iran . . . . [for full text go here]
 - - - - - - - - - - - -
After making the horrendous and fateful Munich Pact with the Nazi Hitler, UK prime minister Neville Chamberlain came back to Britain saying: peace with honour. . . . peace for our time. Obama stopped making what seemed to most people an outlandish promise of peace emerging from his Iran deal. Now he puts it differently. He claims that the only alternative to his Iran deal is war and that a better deal is not and was not possible. Perhaps he is implying that his Iran deal represents something between war and peace. A cold peace or a cold war perhaps, or maybe just a lot of limited wars that Iran will initiate against its neighbors in the Middle East but not against the United States. Meanwhile, Obama is insinuating that the opponents of his deal are warmongers and he openly said at American University in Washington, DC, that the only country that had openly commented on the deal but had not praised it was Israel. Literally that might be true if we only consider official declarations by rulers, top officials and foreign ministries. But the insinuation was that Israel was a warmongering power that might not know its own best interest. In fact, many Arab powers, including Saudi Arabia, have been very strongly opposed to the deal but fear to challenge the White House. Obama knew that when he made his speech but he considered it useful to insinuate that only Israel opposed the deal. Indeed, Saudi Arabia went so far in opposing Obama's long obvious efforts to appease Iran and leave it with its nuclear program as to allow Anwar Eshki, a former general, to appear jointly with Dore Gold, now the director-general of Israel's foreign ministry, before the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington in order to show the common Israeli-Saudi opposition to the weak nuclear deal taking shape.
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To get some idea of how Obama thinks, consider the words of Don Juan in Molière's play of that name [here/ici]

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