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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Mahmud Abbas' Nose Gets Longer -- Lies to Hide Arab Collaboration in Nazi Murders

Mahmud Abbas, or Abu Mazen by his nom de guerre, has the habit common among Arab political leaders and spokesmen/women/, of shamelessly lying. They even lie about each other fairly often, although Arab lies and unfounded or flimsily founded charges against other Arabs get little attention in many Western countries that want to see Arabs --especially Palestinian Arabs-- as always good and innocent, something like a collective Jesus.

However, in historical reality Arabs ruled empires that subjugated non-Arab, non-Muslim peoples. The non-Muslim subject peoples under Arab rule are legally oppressed, exploited, and humiliated as  people lacking rights under Islamic law, particularly that part of shari`ah called the dhimma, the laws and rules applying to these non-Muslims. Now, quite relevantly for Abbas's speech at the UN General Assembly, most of the Arab nationalist movement was pro-Nazi during the 1930s and 1940s. But what was Abu Mazen's specific lie?
The state of Palestine, based on the 4th of June, 1967, borders with East Jerusalem as its capital, is a state under occupation, as was the case for many countries during World War II. 
Here Abbas is trying to present Israel as like Nazi Germany by implication, while presenting the Palestinian Arabs as victims of the Jews. Throughout the history of Islam of course, since the Arab/Muslim conquests of the 7th century, Arabs and other Muslims have lorded it over Jews and quite lawfully according to Islamic law as said above. 
What is most important considering Abbas' speech is that during WW2 and the Shoah, the Arab nationalists generally and the Palestinian Arab nationalists in particular were pro-Nazi. This is no secret to informed people who know history but the run of the mill Western journalist is ignorant of this history. They ought to  be reminded. For information on how the top leader of the Palestinian Arabs during the Shoah --Haj Amin el-Husseini-- collaborated in the Holocaust, visited death camps, helped the Germans to recruit and organize Muslims in Europe (in Bosnia, Kossovo, the Soviet Union) into special SS military units, into the dread Einsatzgruppen, and into Wehrmacht auxiliary units. The SS Handschar division was made up of Bosnian Muslims and the SS Skanderbeg division was made up of ethnic Albanian Muslims in Kossovo. They all took part in mass murder which Husseini, who had been the British-appointed mufti of Jerusalem, encouraged by making speeches to them, writing pro-Nazi propaganda meant for these Muslim peoples, etc. Husseini spent the war years in Berlin with a headquarters and a stipend from the SS, from Himmler, and an entourage of Arabs from notable families who cooperated in his pro-Holocaust efforts. When Husseini met Hitler in November 1941, he was pleased when the German Fuehrer told him of his intent to extend the Shoah from Europe to the Jews living in Arab countries. Of course, he also supported German occupation of the many occupied countries in Europe. But he was never punished after the war because the major Allied powers did not want to prosecute or punish him. Those powers included the USA, USSR, UK and France.
Anyhow, it is highly ironic as well as hypocritical that Abbas now presents the Palestinian Arabs as victims of  "occupation" that he compares to the Nazi occupation whereas during WW2 the Palestinian and other Arabs were pro-Nazi and supported the occupations and the mass murder of Jews. See this link for a transcript from Husseini's discussion with Hitler in 1941. The post at the link also provides much scholarly work on the Arab-Nazi nexus.
The passage quoted from his speech also contains two other lies but of course we expect from Abbas. 1) there were no "4th of June, 1967 borders." There were only armistice lines which were the outcome of the Arab-initiated war against the emergence of an independent Jewish state, a war that began on 30 November 1947, within hours of the UN General Assembly vote to recommend partition of the country into a Jewish state, an Arab state, and Jerusalem as an internationally ruled enclave.
2) There is no "state of Palestine." This so-called state refuses to negotiate permanent borders with Israel while it does not control all of the territory that was allocated to it by the Oslo accords, since Hamas took Gaza away from the Palestinian Authority and this "state" does not supply state services to its residents despite the billions of dollars and euros that it has received from the European Union, the USA and various other governments. Its water supply and electricity supply are provided by Israel. What the PA does have is support from many Judeophobic Western and Muslim government.
3) Israel does not "occupy" Judea & Samaria which were designated by the San Remo Conference and the League of Nations to be the Jewish National Home on the grounds of the historical connection of the Jews with the Land of Israel, alias "palestine" in Western lingo.

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