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Emet m'Tsiyon

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Why the New York Times Is Now a Yellow Journal, A Gutter Rag -- Gilead Ini Removes Its Pretentious Veil

It's now too obvious for any decent and intelligent person to deny. The New York Times is now a gutter rag, a yellow journal, full of sensationalism and lies and libels, happily distorting facts, omitting crucial facts and directly lying. The NYT habitually smears its designated enemies and, given the way Israel is treated in the Times, Israel must be its chief enemy.

Gilead Ini explains the sins of the Times:
This week began as the last one ended — with more Palestinian stabbing attacks against Israeli Jews, and more dead. And yet, this information might surprise readers of The New York Times.
On Sunday, a 20-year-old Israeli woman was stabbed to death, another Israeli was rammed by a car and attacked with a knife and a third was assaulted by a knife-wielding teen affiliated with the Islamic Jihad terror group.
All three assailants were killed in the course of their attacks.
But the headline to the Times’ story about Sunday’s attacks did away with cause and effect, muddled victim and aggressor: “1 Israeli, 3 Palestinians Killed in Attacks in West Bank.” The online headline was later changed, but the print headline Monday morning was equally obtuse: “West Bank Faces Spate of Assaults That Kill 4.” The “West Bank” faced nothing. It was Israelis who faced assaults.
This was par for the course — and in some ways, even mild — for how the Times has covered the so-called “stabbing intifada,” the recent spate of Arab-on-Jewish murder.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas recently called on his people to protect Jerusalem holy sites from the “filthy feet” of Israeli Jews [emphasis added], and terrorists have heeded the call, taking to the streets to thrust knives into any Israeli they encounter — other recent stabbing victims include an 80-year-old woman and a 13-year-old boy on a bike [two female Arab terrorists attacked an Arab man in his seventies whom they mistook for a Jew--Eliyahu].
But even this incitement, and even this terror, is no match for the creativity of The New York Times. When a Palestinian assailant was caught on film last month wielding a knife and rushing at Israelis, before quickly being neutralized by Israeli security personnel, Times reporters simply avoided telling readers about the video.
And instead of mentioning this incriminating piece of evidence, they repeatedly cited false Palestinian allegations that Israelis planted the knife next to the “innocent” attacker. Creatively, and unethically, they turned an empirical fact into an unknowable case of police vs. “witness.”
When Israel released a photo of the butterfly knife held by the attacker, the Times’ bureau chief in Jerusalem absurdly called it a “Boy Scout” knife. Again, it was a masterstroke of creativity. Butterfly knives are infamous for being flipped back and forth by ’80s movie villains, and are illegal in several US states and in countries around the world. To confuse a butterfly knife with a Boy Scout knife is to confuse nunchucks with a nun’s ruler.
Similarly, after Palestinians stoned a Jewish car, resulting in the death of the driver, a reporter insisted they weren’t attacking the Israeli but merely pelting “the road he was driving on.” The death, reporters insisted, was an “accident.” Attacking the asphalt? A Boy Scout knife? Such verbal ingenuity might be commendable in creative writing. In journalism, it’s an embarrassment.
And so was the newspaper’s recent suggestion that there might never have been a temple on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, despite unanimity among serious scholars to the contrary.     [Read more here].                                                                                                                      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -                           
Gilead Ini shows some of the tricks that the Times uses: avoiding or deemphasizing facts that don't fit the pro-PLO/PA narrative, distorting little facts, direct lies little and big, omitting crucial facts that don't fit the narrative, and so on. You do remember that the NYT's motto is: All the news that's fit to print. What is not fit to print is what does not fit the narrative, the sob story that the Palestinian Arab leadership and their Western psywar, cogwar, and PR advisors have concocted to make the Palestinian Arabs look innocent and put upon by those inherently mean Jews or Zionists. The Times even put words into the mouth of a famous public figure, the pope, so as to support the usual NYT pro- Arab, pro-PLO/PA prejudice. And we can go on. 
Meanwhile, see these two previous posts on Emet m'Tsiyon, here and here. These posts both deal with the NYT falsifying what the pope said to PLO/PA chief Mahmud Abbas (his nom de guerre is Abu Mazen). They somewhat changed their story when several sites on the Web --including yours truly-- pointed out their error. And they made a half-way, insincere apology for their deliberate lie.                                                                                                  It is foolish to see the Times as a reliable news site. It is worse than unreliable. It is a gutter journal, full of hatred and venom, and false, hypocritical morality. 

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