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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Again Arabs Refute "Israeli Apartheid" Lie

An Arab reporter for the New York Times filed a report [3 January 2016] about Arab life in Israel, specifically about Arabs who might be considered Yuppies or Bohemians. The report exposed the fraud of charges of apartheid in Israel. It reports Israeli Arabs talking about their  living in Jewish neighborhoods, and even that Arab women, especially single women, have more freedom living among Jews than they would have if they lived among Arabs. For instance:

“If you are in an Arab neighborhood, you have a community. If you live in a Jewish neighborhood, you are a stranger, and that gives you freedom as an Arab woman,” said Fidaa Hammoud, 32. “There are many de facto couples, and older women living alone without having to hear gossip.”

Consider this too:
Ms. Hammoud moved to Haifa in 2011 after studying speech therapy for four years in Barcelona, Spain. She and her partner live together in a Jewish neighborhood where they run a Palestinian cafe called Rai. “I couldn’t do this anywhere else,” she said.

Or this:
The liberal Arab renaissance in Haifa began with the opening of Fattoush, a Palestinian restaurant, in 1998. The restaurant, which hosted cultural discussions and art exhibitions, was once a scandal to polite Arab society because men and women openly drank alcohol and flirted. Now, it is a tourist-friendly fixture on Ben Gurion Boulevard, Haifa’s main drag.
More Arab-owned businesses opened on that street in the years since, with signs welcoming all people in Arabic, English and sometimes Hebrew. Many of these bars, cafes and restaurants were crowded on a recent weeknight with couples strolling along teeming sidewalks decked with Christmas lights.
Arabs operating shops on Haifa's main drag. Not quite apartheid but no doubt that Nazi-like charge will continue to be made by Arabs and partisans of the Arabs in Europe, the US, and elsewhere. Moreover, the Arabs interviewed for this article by Diaa Hadid, an Arab woman reporter for the NYT, expressed a desire to live separately from Jews eventhough they were forced by circumstance to actually live among Jews, at least in order to satisfy some other of their values, specifically the values of tolerance of unmarried couples living together, of homosexuals, etc. See below:

 “Haifa is a center for Arabs, like Tel Aviv is a center for Jews,” said Asil Abu Wardeh, the Elika patron who practices a performance-based form of psychotherapy. “There is a cultural movement. There is a youth movement. There’s a kind of freedom here.” “We have our own parties. Our own places. Our own discos. We dance. We drink. We do it all in Arabic,” she added. “This all began in Haifa.”

Furthermore, some of those interviewed seem to aim for a future with no Jews around. They want a new "palestinian society."
 “This is the new Palestinian society we are aiming for.”

 For those who are unaware, the draft constitution for a "palestinian state" drawn up by persons working for Abu Mazen/Mahmoud Abbas/ calls for a Judenrein society, a society which excludes Jews, an apartheid society which excludes Jews. It is especially outrageous that the Palestinian Authority looks forward to a "palestine" without Jews, a state of apartheid against Jews, while in the West and elsewhere Israel is falsely accused of being an "apartheid state."

Just incidentally, labeling Israel an "apartheid state" is a big lie of Goebbelsian dimensions. It is a Nazi type lie. Those who repeat this lie are Nazi allies and collaborators. The lie of "Israeli apartheid" is meant to justify the killing of Jews in the West where the original apartheid system is justifiably abhorred. Those who utter this big lie are Nazi collaborators at best.
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