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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

President Rivlin Cites the Quran's Recognition of the Holy Land as Jewish to Refute Abbas' Lies about Jewish History

Mahmoud Abbas puts on a good show when he wants to. His speech on Sunday, 14 January, was entertaining, just chock full of ludicrous lies and inventions. It was what you would expect from a leader of the PLO/PA and disciple of yasser arafat, founder of the PLO and the "palestinian authority" [PA]  as well as being one of the founders of late twentieth century terrorism.

One of Abbas' lies was projecting the so-called "palestinian people," unknown to the world before the 20th century, into the prehistoric past. "Before our Patriarch Abraham," he said. He did not acknowledge any Jewish or Israelite history in the Land of Israel. Maybe he forgot that the Quran itself, that is, the Quran, the holy book of the Muslims among whom Abbas counts himself. The Quran specifically says that Allah assigned the Holy Land to the Jews, the people of Moses [Quran, Sura 5:12, 20-22 in the usual numbering -see more here].

However, Reuben Rivlin, President of the State of Israel acted in a helpful and responsible manner and reminded Abbas of what he had forgotten or pretended to forget. That is, that the Quran itself has its Zionist verses which not only report the assignment of the Land to the Jews but foresee the return of the Jews to their Land.

Rivlin said,
"In his [Abbas'] words, he denies our return to our homeland, even though Abu Mazen also knows very well that the Koran itself mentions the recognition of the Land of Israel as our land. Without this basic recognition, we cannot build trust and advance" [emphasis added].

In case you're wondering how Rivlin knows what is in the Quran, his father was a professor of Arabic at the Hebrew University and in fact translated the Quran into Hebrew. So it is likely that Rivlin himself understands or even speaks a good deal of Arabic and that his father pointed out significant verses  and passages in the Quran to him.

Abbas' speech also asserts and refers to a certain alleged Campbell-Bannerman Document which is said to lay out a rationale for the British to plant Jews in "palestine" in order to prevent Arab unity. Other than being anachronistic in its concepts and terminology (since it talks at length about British concern over pan-Arabism which was hardly a concern of theirs in 1907), and "just too good to be true" from the pan-Arab, Arab nationalist standpoint, no such document has been found in British archives and what is presented as such seems to be a creation of Nasser's intelligence services.

One of the offensive things that Abbas did in the speech was to curse President Trump several times with the common Arabic curse Yahhrab beytuk. It means: May your house be destroyed. According to a report on Israel radio --probably by Eran Zinger-- he cursed Trump this way several times during the speech.

The phrase and curse Yahhrab beytuk is comparable to the Hebrew     ייחרב ביתך   
It's not the strongest Arabic curse, as I understand, but fairly strong.
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Here is an Arab scholar who recognizes Jewish rights in Jerusalem & the Land of Israel -- His name is Abdul-Hamid Hakim (or Abdulhameed Hakeem) [ici in French]
Here is another article about him [ici in French]
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Here are other reports on Abbas' speech and Rivlin's response:

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MEMRI has the relevant parts of the original speech in Arabic --which went on for 2 1/2 hours-- in video film with subtitles in English -- here.


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