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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Are Blonde Arabs Still Semites? Do They Have a Right to Live in the Holy Land?

Does anybody remember that about ten years ago or more, an Arab or Iranian prof at Columbia University in New York [Prof Hamid Dabbash?] told a Jewish young woman student that she wasn't a Semite because she had green eyes? We could dismiss this claim on the grounds that the prof's argument was racist. It was racist. It also defined Semite rather narrowly in a racial, genetic sense. But the argument has to be answered on the empirical level about the relevance of green eyes because simply pointing out that the argument is racist does not make an impression on people who really don't care if it is racist or not. But who often search for something, anything, apparently factual to hold against the Jews. So in my efforts to vitiate this noxious claim by Prof Dabbash [as I recall his name] I will point out that in my own personal experience I have met more than one Arab who had green eyes. And some who had blue and gray eyes. But as you probably understand, we are dealing here with an unthinking cult or mystique --not interested in empirical facts-- that wants to see Jews as alien to the Middle East, not only to the Land of Israel. So Jews have to be put into a box of being European in appearance which some are. On the other hand . . . OK, let's try a lighter, more sarcastic approach while supplying some photographs for the sake of empirical evidence. In that light, please read what follows:

In my unwearying efforts to be politically correct, I have landed upon a hard to solve problem. We all know that according to PC, pale white, blond-haired, blue-eyed people are BAD while black folk are GOOD, and that people with skin color of shades in between are rated accordingly. But what do we do if a blond, white Arab girl slaps an olive-skinned or darker Israeli soldier? Which one is right and which one wrong? A conundrum even harder to solve is when an Arab terrorist murderer is blond and blue-eyed, like young lion Mr Ahmed Nasr Jarrar in the photo below, and the Israeli victim of murder is a swarthy Jew like Rabbi Raziel Shevahh [may his memory be a blessing], murdered by Jarrar and his accomplices in a drive by shooting . According to the standard PC rules of skin-color-based morality, the Jew would be right and the blond Arab wrong. Likewise in the case of Ahed Tamimi. 
However, it does not seem to be working out that way. It seems that L'il Ahed, aka Shirley Temper, is being justified by the legions that are devoted to PC. This will no doubt happen in the Jarrar case too. Is there any Court of PC or PC Court of Appeals where we can go to complain about the violation of the standard PC rules, of the standard PC skin color rating? Please notify us when you obtain an answer. CC to the hasbara office at the foreign ministry.
[On the other hand, is it a sinister Zionist coincidence that two stalwart blond, Nordic Arabs are in trouble with the Zionist occupation forces in a one-month period?]

Le star di Pallywood

Ahed Tamimi of the notorious Tamimi clan whose members have been involved in many terrorist murders, including the Sbarro restaurant bombing massacre in Jerusalem in 2001.  Here  is a video of the  recent incident where she slaps a soldier. [Also here & here & here]. Note how each of the four news sources presents the video differently, in shorter or longer versions, in versions favorable or unfavorable to the claims of Ms Tamimi and her family. Here is a report of connections between Amnesty International and the Tamimis [here]. The Daily Mail considers whether there has been media bias on the Australian Broadcasting Company in favor of the Tamimi narrative [here]. Rikki Hollander of CAMERA analyzes media coverage of the Ahed Tamimi case here.

Ahmed Nasr Jarrar murderer of Rav Raziel Shevahh, זכרונו לברכה

Here is how Palestinian Media Watch labels this photo [here]:
Posted text and text on top of image: "This young lion is of that lion"

Texts below faces: "Martyr Nasr Jarrar ... Martyr Ahmed Nasr Jarrar"
[Official Fatah Facebook page, Feb. 6, 2018]
The image shows terrorist Ahmed Nasr Jarrar (left) and his father, terrorist Nasr Jarrar, who is holding an assault rifle. The father was a Hamas terrorist who planned two attacks in central Israel - a double suicide bombing in the Sheba Hospital and a truck bombing in a multi-story building - attacks that were thwarted when he was killed and other members of his terror cell were caught by Israeli soldiers in 2002. [source is PMW here]

Here below is a photo of Rabbi Raziel Shevahh זכרונו לברכה with part of his family. Note that Rav Shevahh has dark eyes and black hair, unlike his murderer, Jarrar [source here] :
Rabbi Raziel Shevach with his family, in an undated photo (Courtesy of the family)

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  • Arab racism toward Jews is nothing new. I would like to remind everybody that during the Shoah
    Arabs were the officially accepted and honored Semites of the Nazis while Jew were slaughtered in the millions. No greater Jewish persecutor existed among them than Haj Amin el-Husseini and his cursed clan. In retrospect, this criminal was the spiritual father of the Fatah, Hamas, ISIL and other assorted Arab-Muslim terror groups. This professor is just the latest in a long line of academic idiots who found asylum among like-minded left-wing dimwits.

    By Blogger wasa631, at 11:30 PM  

  • Now that you remind me of Husseini, let us recall that he had blue eyes --a fact much appreciated by the German Nazis-- and reddish hair. He spent most of the war years in Germany as the guest of the Nazis. Yet he is not denounced by today's PC crowd of ignoramuses. And the palestinian Arab leadership still honors him, for example last week there was an international conference in Ramallah attended by the Lord Mayor of Dublin. The mayor most likely did not know at the start that it was Husseini's likeness on a large banner that overlooked the meeting hall in Ramallah. So Husseini is still in good odor among the PLO. He is also sometimes known as the Mufti of Jerusalem, appointed by the British mandatory authorities in 1921 approx.

    By Blogger Eliyahu m'Tsiyon, at 9:42 PM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 10:31 PM  

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