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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Germany & Merkel Dominate the EU -- Right-winger F Philippot Agrees with Socialist M Renzi

Matteo Renzi, former socialist prime minister of Italy, wrote a book published in 2017 that complained about how Germany through Chancellor Angela Merkel dominated decision-making in the European Union. The EU is hardly a democratic political entity, although it may claim to be so. Nor does it meet the its own self-proclaimed standard of transparency, nor of solidarity, mutual aid.

I don't know how much attention the book got outside of Italy. But one of Renzi's ideas about the EU has been confirmed by Florian Philippot, the leader of the "right-wing" Patriots Party [Les Patriotes]. Philippot said last week on i24 (interviewed by Anna Cabana in French):
Merkel imposes her diktat on all of Europe.
Merkel impose sa diktat sur toute l'Europe.

This is precisely the situation that Renzi depicts in his book. And Renzi is no "right-winger". He is considered a "leftist." Maybe both Renzi and Philippot are telling the truth. Truth is not a matter of ideology, of a place on the so-called, conventionally imagined political spectrum.

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