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Sunday, September 30, 2018

The European Union Violates Its Ostensible Principles

The European Union claims not to be just an economic union that aims for prosperity and profits. It wishes to believe that it has principles and values. These include solidarity, transparency, peace [while also claiming to be a "world power" (puissance mondiale)], security, freedom, responsibility, (the two last being "the foundations of democracy"), "equal dignity for everyone," the refusal to exclude, respect for the diversity of cultures, preserving the environment, better health protection, protecting the interests of consumers, and a few more. I'll discuss some of these principles and values below.

First, let's take up security.  How about the EU's accomplishments in this field which overlaps with peace? The flyer published by the Mouvement Europeen - France that brings all of these cheery tidings, was published in April 2005. Since then Europe, the EU, has seen a few major and minor terrorist attacks. These include the 7-7 attacks in London on 7 July of that year, just a few months after this flyer, entitled "Que nous apporte l'Union Europeenne?" ["What Does the European Union Bring Us?"] was published. The flyer goes into detail on security:
Europe means struggling together for security. The terrorist attacks in New York [11 September 2001] and, closer to us, Madrid [11 March 2004] demonstrate the will and capacity of international terrorism to endanger freedoms and democracy. The nomination of a "Mr Terrorism" shows our determination to coordinate our efforts to struggle against this scourge. The police cooperation with Europol, the judicial cooperation with Eurojust and the European Arrest Warrant are going to be considerably reinforced in order to struggle against terrorism but also against international mafias, major banditry, the trade in human beings, corruption, etc . . .  The Schengen Zone of free circulation within 13 EU countries (except for the United Kingdom and Ireland), will only be open to ten entering countries after a period of transition. The Exterior Borders have been reinforced.
Isn't this paragraph above little more than a bad joke? Isn't it fair to say that their "security" efforts and endeavors have been a great failure? Think of the major terrorist attacks in France alone, Bataclan [Paris, November 2015 - about 130 murdered], la Promenade des Anglais, a seaside pedestrian walkway in Nice [July 2016 - about 85 murdered] plus a dozen or more minor attacks such as the Jewish school, 4 murdered, plus 3 soldiers murdered,Toulouse [March 2012], Charley Hebdo & Hypercacher [Paris January 2015], so forth and so on. Then there were major attacks in Brussels in 2016, in Manchester and London in 2017, plus Barcelona in 2017 plus a number of other attacks in France, Germany, etc. So the EU has been incapable of dealing with "the will and capacity of international terrorism" to carry out major terrorist attacks in EU member countries. And yet, after the Shoah which was a European product, the Euros now presume to tell the Jews in Israel how to protect themselves against mass murderous Arab jihad terrorism. The same Euros who are incompetent to defend even their own countries have the insolence to propose "peace plans" to Israel on how to make peace with Arabs inspired by a jihad ideology. Hence, if security is a value or principle of the EU, then it is a failure as an organization.

Just by the way, the Schengen Zone praised above facilitates the movement of terrorists from one country or one national jurisdiction to another. So Schengen should hardly be praised in a paragraph dealing with security. And the external borders of the Union have hardly been reinforced effectively. You could laugh at the Euro Fools if it were not so sad.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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