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Friday, September 14, 2018

The New York Times Lies by Commission & by Omission -- even about seemingly trivial things

Everybody knows that the NY Times often lies. But some may think that the NYT does this only by commission, by crude and blatant untruths. But it is easier to get away with a lie by omission  and it too can have a desired effect on public opinion, whereas much of the press/media usually aims to influence public opinion rather than to have intelligent, factual debates and discussions.

We all know that the Times hates Israel which was expressed a few years ago when the NYT falsely quoted Pope Francis calling Mahmoud Abbas [Abu Mazen] "an  angel of peace." Maybe they thought that they could get away with it but that did not occur. But here's a case of lying by omission and the Times was caught by Greer Faye Cashman, who writes a sort of society and diplomatic formality column for the Jerusalem Post [August 29, 2018]. The NYT published an article, a feel-good piece, about Spanish opera singer, Placido Domingo. He is now 77 and still performing [up to 120 years!!!]. The article outlined Domingo's life and career. Timesman Joshua Barone tells the reader that Domingo's parents took him from Spain to Mexico and it was there that he made his debut in Verdi's Rigoletto in 1959. But it skips from there to his performing with the New York Metropolitan Opera ten years later. The NY Times skips over the three years that he spent in Israel --1962-1965-- with the Israel National Opera in Tel Aviv in the decade before rising to the very prestigious New York Met Opera. Domingo must have liked working in Israel because he at first signed a six-month contract in 1962 but then extended his stay in Tel Aviv for two more years. None of that gets even a passing mention in the Times article, as Greer Faye Cashman complains.

She points out in her short item in the Jerusalem Post that Domingo himself has often mentioned his stay in Israel. ".. .  possibly not in Barone's hearing," she adds. Another link of Domingo to Israel was his being awarded the prestigious Wolf Prize here in 2012, the first vocal artist to be awarded that prize. Good for Ms Cashman for pointing out this subtle omission.

What seems to have gone on at the NYT was a deliberate attempt to avoid reporting something favorable about Israel in a feel-good story. Mustn't be nice to Israel, children!

The New York Times indeed furnishes a plentiful supply of fake news.

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