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Friday, November 16, 2018

How Dare They Deny that the NYT Is Fake News?

If anyone is not yet convinced that the NYT often and deliberately publishes fake news, false pictures of contemporary reality, pictures distorted and twisted beyond all recognition, might take a look at a recent article by  one Megan Specia on Israel. The NYT accuses President Trump of lying. The NYT was lying before Trump was born. With the Specia piece it descends to the level of a simplistic agitprop rag. It is entitled: "What to Know about Gaza's Latest Flare-up." Consider:
"Hamas and other armed groups responded with force, launching rockets and mortar shells into southern Israel. One Palestinian civilian was killed inside Israel on Monday and Israeli airstrikes killed at least seven Palestinians in Gaza on Monday and Tuesday."
The paragraph above makes it look as if Israeli military action had killed the man. He was actually living in the Jewish city of Ashkelon and had permits from the Israeli govt to work and live inside the Green Line, inside pre-1967 Israel [according to the JPost]. The sentence says that seven "palestinians" were killled by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza but we are not told how the Arab was killed "inside Israel". One might reasonably infer that it was Israeli military action that killed him. However, a rocket from Gaza killed him. Here the NYT uses the passive voice ["One Palestinian civilian was killed"] to becloud what happened 

Then there are these lines:
"The border fence, which critics say virtually turns Gaza into an open-air prison, has been a source of friction ever since. So have the blockades imposed by both Israel and Egypt since Hamas seized power 11 years ago."
The NYT scribbler insinuates that Israel is imprisoning Gazans. However, she should explicitly say that since Gaza is ruled by Hamas --"Hamas seized power 11 years ago"-- it is Hamas that is jailing the population there not Israel or Egypt [Both Israel & Egypt border on the Gaza Strip and have border crossings with it]. Hamas and allied pro-Iranian terrorist organizations such as Palestinian Islamic Jihad regularly harass Israelis living around the Gaza Strip perimeter, sending incendiary kites and bombs that have burned thousands of dunams of farmland and forest, forcing these people to stay inside and keep their children there or send them away from the area. These incendiary kites and bomb-carrying balloons plus grenades and attacks on the perimeter fence have been going on since the end of March of this year. Not only has land been burnt but farm equipment has been destroyed. Miraculously only one soldier has been killed at the fence over those long months and no civilians, although many have been injured. In the attack by some 460 rockets earlier this week, one civilian was killed on the Israeli side. Ironically he was an Arab.

Finally, the very title of the piece, "What to Know about Gaza's Latest Flare-up" , is very patronizing toward the reader. It really means what the NYT wants the reader to know or believe. Which may be false.
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Here is Ira Stoll's commentary on the latest NYT anti-Israel blood libel or would-be blood libel. You can be the judge. [added 1-1-2019]

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  • Rabbi Steven Pruzansky said:

    “In the genocidal war being waged
    against the Jewish people, the
    New York Times is an accomplice.”

    A New Low, a blog article
    by Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, 2015/10/29


    New York Times Criticized by famous Leftist Leader:

    Michael Moore is one of the greatest
    heroes of the political Far-Left.

    This is what he recently said about
    the accuracy of our news media:

    “The day before the election,
    The New York Times said he
    [Donald Trump] had a 15% chance of winning.

    Why would you believe anything
    The New York Times says after that?

    This is a [news]paper that, like much
    of the media, has been out of touch.”

    Michael Moore interviewed by Andy Greene,
    in Rolling Stone magazine,
    2017/11/30 edition, issue 1301, page 66

    By Anonymous Mr. Cohen, at 6:41 AM  

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