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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Zionists Are Jews Who Have Betrayed the Dhimma, the Covenant for Islamic Protection of Dhimmis

Islamic law [shari`ah] provides for "protection" for "peoples of the Book" [ahl al-kitab] who are allowed to live in the Islamic state with their persons and property protected on condition that they pay a yearly head tax [per adult male] called jizyah to the Islamic overlords. This follows from a Quranic verse [9:29 in Pickthall's translation and other editions]. Here the Muslim believers are commanded to fight the unbelievers, referring here to people of the Book, until they are brought low --humiliated-- and pay tribute. If the dhimmi did not pay his tax his life was forfeit. The account of Gedaliah of Semyatich and other records show how this tax and other exactions were required or collected from the dhimmis [see previous posts]. There is a whole set of humbling restrictions which dhimmis were also required to observe. If dhimmis revolted against the Arab-Muslim empire, then they were considered to have broken the covenant of protection, the dhimma, which as we know was a system of monetary exploitation and social subjugation. Dhimmi revolt means, to the Muslim, a violation of the dhimma and therefore, the dhimmi's life is no longer considered "protected."

If their lives are no longer considered "protected" then the Muslims may take their lives. This was the substance of a resolution made at the World Islamic Congress in Rabbath-`Ammon [`Amman], Jordan, 22 September 1967:
Jews in Arab countries: The Congress is certain that the Jewish communities living in Islamic countries do not appreciate the Moslems' good treatment and protection over the centuries. . . The Congress declares that the Jews residing in Arab countries who contact Zionist circles or the State of Israel do not deserve the protection and care which Islam provides for the free non-Moslem subjects [NOTE: subjects not citizens] living in Islamic countries. Moslem Islamic Governments should treat them as aggressive combatants. Similarly, the Islamic peoples, individually and collectively, should boycott them and treat them as deadly enemies.
[quoted by Maurice Roumani, The Case of the Jews from Arab Countries: A Neglected Issue (Tel Aviv: World Organization of Jews from Arab Countries, 1978), p 33]
In other words, Jewish civilians [=subjects] living in Muslim states can be treated as "aggressive combatants" if they in any way "contact Zionist circles." This can be interpreted as contacting Jewish charitable organizations which are based in the United States or France, or as showing sympathy for Israel in any way. Now, how are "aggressive combatants" treated generally throughout the world? They are either taken prisoner and/or shot and perhaps killed. One of the innovations of recent years is that many Arabs living in Western countries now believe that they can treat Jews in those countries as "aggressive combatants" and "deadly enemies."

The Academy for Islamic Research at its Fourth Conference, held at al-Azhar University in Cairo, backed up the resolution of the Islamic Congress in various speeches. The argument of Shaykh Muhammad Abu Zahra, an Egyptian, is below:
It may be said that they (the unbelievers) are non-Muslim subjects living in our midst, and therefore we have to take care of them. Within this group are cited the Jews, residing in certain Muslim states, the head [rulers, leaders] of which, together with men in authority, favour them with amity and shield them from the masses of Muslims. But we say to those who patronize the Jews that the latter are 'dhimmis,' people of obligation, who have betrayed the covenant in conformity with which they have been afforded protection. . . These people have broken their covenant and violated their pledges; how, then, are we going to retain our obligation to protect them?
[Abu Zahra is quoted in DF Green, ed., Arab Theologians on Jews and Israel: Extracts from the Proceedings of the Fourth Conference of the Academy of Islamic Research (Geneva: Editions de l'Avenir, 3rd ed., 1976), p 61; also in Bat Ye'or, "The Dhimmi Factor in the Exodus of Jews from the Arab Countries," in M. Shulevitz, ed., The Forgotten Millions: The Modern Jewish Exodus from Arab Lands (London & New York: Cassell, 1999) p 45]
As early as 1950, an Arab writer, `Abd-al-Rahman Sami `Ismat, had accused Jews in Arab countries of being a Fifth Column:
Let no one advise us to exonerate from Zionism the Jews in the Arab countries who pretend to be innocent, no matter how wretched and degraded they appear to be, for they are Zionists like the rest of the Jews of the world. . . If they conceal their Zionism for a while, they will reveal it at a suitable opportunity. . . They are nothing but a fifth column in every country. [quoted in Roumani, op. cit., pp 33-34]
Here all Jews living in Muslim countries are considered to have violated the dhimma pact. Thus, the lives of all of them are forfeit. There are no "innocent civilians" among them. "Innocent civilian" is a concept reserved for Arab non-combatants who may be killed in the course of legitimate Israeli military operations. Jews are not "innocent civilians," whether in an Arab country or in Israel or anywhere else, neither for Muslims nor for the Western sympathizers of Arab/Islamic jihad. The life of any Jew living in the Land of Israel, even those who are non-combatants or even totally incapable of combat --such as children, babies, the elderly, women-- is considered forfeit and rightly subject to cancellation by Muslims. That is, Muslims have the right to kill them.
And where are the Western professional humanitarians?
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Coming: the BBC and the Holocaust, Jews in Jerusalem under Muslim rule, poems of Zion


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