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Emet m'Tsiyon

Monday, July 24, 2006

British Empire Holds on to a Good Chunk of Cyprus' Real Estate

British diplomacy is entering another hyperactive phase, girding its loins for a humanitarian struggle to make Israel live with mass murderers on Israel's northern border. Kim Howells, a deputy foreign secretary [or whatever his exact title may be] is serving as the point man. The BBC, another UK government agency, is being mobilized for the task of besmirching Israel's self-defense efforts against the Hizbullah, a Nazi-like gang of terrorists, fanatics, etc., who are coddled by Iran, whose leader, Ahmadinajad, utters Nazi trivia as table talk for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kim Howells came to Beirut to sanctimoniously pontificate on behalf of Shaykh Nasrallah and Ahmadinajad, in the guise of concern for civilians. If they had real concern for civilian victims then they would have stopped the slaughter in Sudan, which for many years was mainly in the South and has recently [2002 or 2003] spread to the western part of Sudan called Dar Fur [Home of the Fur tribe].

Several million people have been slaughtered in Sudan's genocidal policy since "independence." Actually, Britain set up the Sudan slaughters by giving independence to Sudan in 1956 as a unitary state under Arab/Muslim control. That is, the Arab-Muslims of northern Sudan, who had raided the South for slaves for hundreds of years, were given control of the descendants of their old victims [yes, I know that most of the northerners are mainly black Africans arabized and islamized long ago, which does not stop them from vicitimizing the authentically African tribal blacks of the South].

If the UK had real concern for Jewish civilians during the Holocaust, then they would have bombed the gas chambers in Auschwitz which they were perfectly capable of doing militarily. More than a half dozen earlier posts discuss British policy towards Jews and Arabs, respectively, before and during the Holocaust. See here, here, here, here, etc, [see other posts on this blog, search for bbc and/or british]. Indeed, the UK was a silent partner in the Holocaust and the BBC was a most vocal and/or inappropriately tongue-tied agency of the government in concealing the Holocaust from the public, as much as possible, and in misrepresenting it.

The present war between Israel and Hizbullah [a proxy for Iran and Syria] has elicited from Kim Howells, a master tongue-slinger, and other holier-than-thou Britishers and Europeans [Jan Egeland, Louise Arbour, etc.] a host of fake pathos and sanctimonious hypocrisy. The public has been told to mourn the sad fate of bridges and roads and TV transmitting antennas in Lebanon ["The poor, poor infrastructure!"]. This is the personification of concrete and steel. Howells came to south Beirut and insinuated that Israel may have committed war crimes or offenses against that humanitarianism that the UK does not seem to apply to the southern Sudan. [Egeland and Arbour are so unspeakably loathesome that I will not discuss them for the sake of decency].
Howells worried about those poor innocent civilians who just happened, apparently unbeknownst to Howells, to have katyusha rockets in their guest rooms or their basements, or parked next to the kitchen. Are they too innocent?

Anyway, the island of Cyprus has been much in the news in the last few days on the humanitarian time slot as a refuge for evacuees from Lebanon. Yet, one major expression of British hypocrisy is the maintenance of "sovereign" British bases on the island of Cyprus. These bases take up 98 sq. miles of Cyprus' 3572 sq. miles of total area. No one dares call this imperialism, not even the Cypriot government, which fears its master's wrath. The London agreement of 1959 signed by Greece, Turkey, and Britain provided for independence of the island and that "Britain retains sovereignty over the areas containing her bases on the island" [Statesman's Yearbook, 1976-77 (London: Macmillan 1976), pp 295-302].

Below is a passage from the official British defense ministry website for the "SBA"s:
Sovereign Base Areas Administration (SBAA)

The Sovereign Base Areas (SBAs) in Cyprus were established in 1960 when Cyprus gained its independence from British rule. The Areas cover 98 square miles of the island and are home to some 7,000 Cypriots and a total of 3,650 Service personnel and UK based civilians, along with nearly 5,000 of their dependants. The British military bases of RAF Akrotiri and Episkopi, Ayios Nikolaos and Dhekelia Garrison are located within the SBAs.

The SBA Administration is the civil government of the SBAs and employs approximately 450 people. The SBAA sets its own laws and has its own police force, courts, a prison and a Customs service. The headquarters of the SBAA is within the wire at Episkopi.

The SBAA is led by the Administrator. The senior British military officer in Cyprus occupies this role, in addition to his role as Commander British Forces (CBF). On a day-to-day basis, the Administration is run by the Chief Officer (a senior civil servant) and the Administration works closely with the HQ British Forces Cyprus to provide political advice to the British military in Cyprus.

Further information about the SBAA can be found at www.sba.mod.uk-------[quoted from http:// www.bfc.mod.uk/html/sba.html ]
Another hypocritical British tidbit is expressed in the differential attitude toward Arab refugees from Israel and Greek Cypriot refugees. The world hears constantly about the Arab refugees, rechristened "Palestinians" back in the 1960s for psychological warfare purposes against the Jews and Israel. Meanwhile, the Greek Cypriots who became refugees in 1974 are seldom heard from and refrain from suicide bombings to express their despair over their refugee status. The number of Arab refugees in the 1948 Israeli War of Independence ranges from 450,000 [Israeli estimate] to 900,000 [Arab estimate]. The Greek refugees in 1974 were 200,000 --not much fewer really. But there is no great international campaign on their behalf to mobilize all the tender humane souls in the world for their return to their homes. The Arab refugees, on the other hand, are constant objects of pity no matter what atrocities they commit. Even their leaders' collaboration in the Holocaust is forgotten. "As a result [of the Turkish invasion of 1974] 200,000 Greek Cypriots fled to live as refugees in the south" [of Cyprus]. [Statesman's Yearbook, same biblio data as above]. Those refugees have never gone back to live in their old homes and they are seldom heard of outside Greek circles and occasional flurries of interest or publicity at the UN. But the saintly "palestinians" on the other hand. . . . And the UK continues to hold a significant portion of the country's real estate, mainly in the Greek south, which is only about 60% of the island, including the "sovereign" British bases.
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Coming: More on Jews in Jerusalem, British misrule, etc.


  • I wish some of these non-arabian "refugees" WOULD terrorize their "brutal occupiers"...hmmmm....I wonder how Britain, France, Spain, etc. would react to terrorism then?

    Think they'd be sympathetic if Northern Ireland started sending missiles to Manchester?

    And why didn't they just give back the Falkland Islands to Argentina???

    No...the world has a double standard for Jews and Israel. They are held to a higher level.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:05 PM  

  • Myackie, You're 100% right. The "international community's" humanitarianism is 100% fake. Have you seen all the crocodile tears from the usual suspects on the international networks like bbc, cnn, and Sky? Now, if they don't have any two-legged human victims to weep over, they'll weep over the poor bridges and roads and the dear departed Beirut airport.

    By Blogger Eliyahu m'Tsiyon, at 11:28 PM  

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