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Monday, February 07, 2011

Obama White House Promotes Islamism in Egypt & Turkey

UPDATING 1-8&9&10-2011 at bottom

It has been obvious since Obama's inauguration, if not before, that his policy, foreign and domestic, was going to be openly pro-Muslim. His inauguration speech told us that the American people were made up of "Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus." This was a new departure in that Jews have long been and most likely were still at that time a larger group in the American population than Muslims were. Interviews that he gave after his inauguration confirmed this impression and his pro-Muslim stance was openly expressed in speeches in Ankara and Cairo. The Cairo speech was full of groundless flattery for Islam's supposedly beneficial impact on the world and its culture. But historical falsifications to flatter the Islamic ego were no problem for someone who had already bowed down low before the Saudi king.

The other side of the coin of flattering Muslims was a harsh attitude toward Israel and the rights of Jews, particularly the right to settle throughout the Land of Israel, enshrined in international law in the mandate that the League of Nations gave to the UK to administer this country.

Now, with the Egyptian crisis, we see that Washington, led by Obama, has been pushing the Egyptian govt to bring the Muslim Brotherhood, tantamount to a fascistic organization & Nazi collaborators as far back as the 1930s, into Egypt's government. The Obama crowd coyly referred to the MB as "non-secular" forces in Egyptian society. The Obama crowd doesn't want to acknowledge that the disease, Mubarak's tyranny, could be less bad than the cure, a government in which the Muslim Brotherhood has major influence. David Horovitz, editor of the Jerusalem Post, perceives the dangers involved in Obama's pro-Muslim Brotherhood moves in Egypt:
. . . the White House's subsequent reported moves to legitimate Egypt's Islamists -- whose outlook conflicts utterly with the democratic agenda -- make no sense, and suggest a frighteningly superficial understanding of the Muslim Brotherhood's intentions and potential achievements.

Far from learning the lessons of the Islamists' skilled subversion of other pro-democracy movements, working with potential leaders of an Egyptian transition to minimize the risk of such a process recurring, and making publicly plain that there will be no ongoing American alliance with an Egypt in which an unreformed Islamist movement has even a marginal role in government, the White House seems to be actively encouraging a transitional outreach to the Muslim Brotherhood [JPost 2-6-2011]
Fiamma Nirenstein has called Obama a "bull in the Mideast china shop." That description is fitting. We could also call him and Hilary "little children playing with matches." The fires that they might set could burn away not only tyrannical regimes in Arab lands. The Muslim Brotherhood in power would be in position to cause wars between Arabs and Israel, between Arabs and Arabs, and between Arabs and European states on the other side of the Mediterranean.

Besides striving to get the Muslim Brotherhood a seat in Egypt's government, Obama & Co. have been urging the European Union over the past two years to accept Turkey as a member, although Turkey has been moving more and more in an Islamist direction ever since Erdogan's AKP party took over the country in late 2002. Obama's collaboration with Turkey was also involved in the fake "Gaza Freedom Flotilla" which sought to end the blockade of the Hamas regime in Gaza [they too are Islamists]. A few weeks after the dramatic event on the Turkish Islamist-run ship, the Mavi Marmara, one of Obama's political friends in DC gave the Woodrow Wilson public service award to the Turkish foreign minister, Davutoglu. [on the Mavi Marmara & the pro-Hamas "Freedom Flotilla," see posts on this blog from late May through June].

Fiamma Nirenstein points out that the results of the Turkish referendum in September 2010 clearly show that Turkey is moving closer to Iran than to Europe [unless maybe Europe is going in the same direction?]. Yet, she goes on, Western political elites in Brussels at the EU headquarters and in Washington perceive the increase in power for the Islamist govt of Erdogan as "democratization" and such like Good Things. [here in English translation below the Italian original].

Other articles from the Italian press on the same issue [qui]

What the Muslim Brotherhood stands for in its own words [here]

Barry Rubin on Obama's role in the Egyptian crisis [here]

Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini on the prospect of a MB takeover of Egypt [from the Italian ANSA press service]:

31 January , 11:08

(ANSAmed) - BRUSSELS, JANAURY 31 - "We do not want a solution that leads to radical Islamism finding itself in power". This is according to the Italian Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini, who has arrived at the EU Council in Brussels for talks on the Egyptian crisis. [Frattini added] "this would not be democracy". [ANSAmed here]
It seems like Obama's radical stance demanding inclusion of the MB in a transitional govt and the immediate departure of Mubarak, a stance since softened, had Italy --and no doubt some other EU states-- spooked. This is despite Frattini's diplomatic pretense that Italy, the EU and the USA all shared the same position. Angela Merkel too expressed apprehension that radical Islamists might take over Egypt. Her foreign minister Westerwelle had joined the USA-UK position that Mubarak had to get out right away, contradicting her. But Westerwelle too, like the French leaders, was probably just being diplomatic by showing a unified position with the USA.
- - - - - - - -
UPDATING 2-8-2011 Barry Rubin on foolishness about the uprising in Egypt [here]. Interfaith, freedom revolutions don't always work out in favor of freedom, as in the Young Turks' uprising in 1908.
2-8-2011 ANSA, Italian Press Agency -- The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance of the EU issued a report on Turkish ill treatment of minorities, mentioning particularly the Kurds and the Rom [Gypsies] [qui].
2-9-2011 Jeff Jacoby on the inacceptability of the Muslim Brotherhood in any position of power in Egypt [here]
Lee Smith on the dangers the MB and of one of its co-thinkers, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, exiled from Egypt for years and a "popular" star on al-Jazeera TV. Qaradawi's incitement of hatred and his disingenuous doubletalk are "popular" on the Qatari station [here]
George Jonas on al-Barada`i, the MB and Obama [here]
2-10-2011 Michael Young on how the structure of the present Egyptian regime cannot be overlooked or bent to Obama's current whims [here]

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  • you are spot on.it has been his agenda from day one with the aid of the self hating Jews and their pals the Liberals...God save us all from those who aid and abet our destruction..God bless you..Keep up the good fight!

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