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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mahmud Abbas Starts New Anti-Israel Blood Libel

Mahmud Abbas and his "Palestinian Authority" started another blood libel smear against Israel. In the Middle  Ages in Europe Jews were sometimes accused of murdering a Christian, typically a boy before puberty,  to use his blood for ritual purposes. This is the ritual murder libel and such accusations often led to mob violence against Jews. Muslims traditionally didn't need such elaborate accusations to hate Jews --or Christians for that matter-- or to take to violence against them. Non-Muslims in Muslim states, the dhimmis, were not allowed to cast any doubt on the Muslim religion or to defy Muslim rule. The mere charge of blasphemy is enough to incite Muslims to kill kufar [= unbelievers]. We see that still today Muslims in places like Pakistan still strike out at non-Muslims on grounds of blasphemy against Islam, even if the charge is false. Likewise the charge by Abbas that Jews who merely go up on the Temple Mount contaminate that holy place. The charge does not have to be murder or anything close. But Christian bigots needed a false charge of murder.

The "Palestinian Authority" ruled by Abu Mazen [Abbas] has been supplying its population with pretexts for murdering Jews for several months now.  Jews "contaminating" the Temple Mount by going up on it has been enough to incite violence against Jews, even murder of Jews. The Jews' mere presence on the Temple Mount is contaminating, Abbas says. But in order to bring Christians to support the PA/PLO, Abbas is now furnishing them with libels of murder by Jews. That is what happened after the PA official in charge of opposing Israel's anti-terrorist protection wall [a fence for most of its length] and of opposing Jewish settlements in Judea-Samaria flew into a rage in a demonstration against the wall/fence and then had a heart attack. Israeli soldiers were charged with killing him by beating him with a rifle butt or hitting with tear gas cannisters or using tear gas that he inhaled. Even silly Cathy Ashton's silly replacement as foreign affairs commissioner on the European Commission, Signora Federica Mogherini, demanded an investigation of the death of this PA official Ziyad Abu `Ayn.

Who is Ziyad Abu `Ayn? He is a convicted terrorist who back in 1979 placed a bomb in the marketplace in Tiberias, Israel, killing two Jewish children. Now over fifty years old, Abu `Ayn was a PA official in charge up till now the PA official in charge of opposing Jews moving into Judea-Samaria and of opposing the anti-terrorist wall/fence. He was reported in HaArets to have had hypertension, a condition which predisposes people to have heart attacks. And he was seen at one point clutching his chest after collapsing. That too is a sign of heart disease.

Abu `Ayn was not killed by Israeli forces. He was not beaten by Israeli forces, although he was clearly trying to provoke them. And he did not die from tear gas inhalation, which in any case is almost impossible when tear gas is used out of doors.

Here is the testimony of Ro'i Sharon, an Israeli reporter for Channel 10, a station usually favoring the "peace process". The testimony was heard on Channel 10 TV by the blogger at My Right Word:

Abu Ein collapsed some 5 minutes after the incident [when demonstrators and border guards were shoving each other] and after an hour, the hospital announced his death.  He wasn't choked [Sharon was standing next to him at the moment of the tiff] but was pushed and it was over in a few seconds. He even was interviewed for a TV station.  No rifle butts or such were employed. No rocks were thrown. There was a confrontation line, shouting, a few tear gas grenades tossed at the beginning but the incident happened afterwards. Sharon said it was a very low-key demo.

Note that no other demonstrator complained about the gas. [here]

Here is more testimony, this time from a British TV news reporter:

A British television news reporter has revealed that Palestinian demonstrators near the West Bank village of Turmusaya prevented an Israeli medic from providing aid to a Palestinian Authority official who collapsed after he shoved and verbally abused Israeli officers on the scene.
In a live report for the UK’s Sky News broadcaster, Middle East correspondent Tom Rayner reported that Ziad Abu Ein, a convicted terrorist who was appointed by the PA to organize campaigns against Jewish settlements in the West Bank, was lying on the ground “unconscious” after the clash – although separate footage shot by Kremlin broadcaster RT displayed Abu Ein conscious and sitting up after his altercation with the IDF officers.
“When he’s on the floor, an Israeli medic does come up to him, she tries to clear an area around him, but Palestinians pick him up and take him straight to a vehicle,” Rayner said, in footage viewed by The Algemeiner. The medic was “not able to deliver any first aid,” Rayner continued, and Abu Ein was “declared dead when he got to a hospital in Ramallah.”
As The Algemeiner reported today, Rayner had earlier said on Twitter that “When Abu Ein is unconscious on ground, Israel medic attempts to assist, asks crowd to make space, Palestinians rush him to a vehicle instead.” Rayner also reported that Abu Ein repeatedly asked the Israeli officer he clashed with for his name, calling him a “dog.” [here]

Despite this testimony by journalists running counter to the PA's false narrative, Signora Mogherini of the European Commission chooses to smear Israel by insinuation of malevolently killing, even murdering, Ziyad Abu `Ayn. She called for an investigation of his death, despite the testimony against any foul play on Israel's part.  She described a "deteriorating situation on the ground." But her very expression of statement --which will be seen by Arabs as support for their cause-- is likely to encourage Arab violence, especially since she is echoing Mahmud Abbas, leader of the PA.

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