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Monday, May 16, 2005

Arabs helped the Romans destroy the Temple

Arab auxiliary troops joined the Roman legions besieging Jerusalem in the year 70.
The Roman historian Tacitus writes in his book, The Histories (Kenneth Wellesley, translator, Penguin Books):

The Histories, Book V:1

... Titus Caesar, who had been selected by his father, to complete the conquest of Judaea and already enjoyed the reputation of a general... received added support...
Awaiting him in Judaea were three Roman legions... the Fifth, Tenth, and Fifteenth...
Then there were strong levies of Arabs, who felt for the Jews the hatred common between neighbors...
... et solito inter accolas odio infensa Iudaeis Arabum manus...

This demonstrates that the Arabs were collaborating with the Roman Empire, that is, with imperialists, almost 2000 years ago. They collaborated in the siege of Jerusalem that resulted in the destruction of the Second Temple. In the twentieth century, Arabs collaborated with the British Empire and the Nazis against the Jews. Since the evil Oslo Accords of 1993 and into the twentieth-first century, the Arabs have been collaborating with the European Union --a new form of imperialism-- and with other imperial powers, against Israel and the Jews throughout the world.

UPDATING 10-19-2006
Two Italian translations of the Latin phrase above, for the sake of comparing translations.

Tacito, Le Storie 5:1
. . . e un consistente gruppo di Arabi, animati da sentimenti ostili contro i Giudei, per il solito odio tra popoli vicini
[traduzione: Mario Stefanoni]

. . . nonche' una valorosa banda di Arabi, che odiavano gli Ebrei per la solita rivalita` di confine. . .
[traduz.- Felice Dessi]

UPDATING 8-3-2014
A third Italian translation
Tacitus,  Historiae -- Liber Quintus -- Libro Quinto
. . . . e una valida schiera di Arabi, ostile ai Giudei per quell che e' tipico di popoli confinanti tra loro.
[traduzione -- Gian Domenico Mazzocato]

The Latin text as it appears in Mazzocato's translation:
. . . .et solito inter accolas odio infesa Iudaeis Arabum manus multi


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