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Emet m'Tsiyon

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Creeping Pro-Islamic Tyranny, the Danger of the European Union

Mahomet etait simplement un mec --
de la Mecque
analyste hierosolymitain

The European Union, like the UN, once embodied hopes for a better future. The EU seemed to promise a reinvigorated Western civilization with nations formerly hostile living at peace and in harmony, prosperous and enjoying freedom, while oppressed and libelled minorities like the Jews would enjoy understanding and safety. Again, like the UN, the EU obviously represents the opposite of what it once promised. Today, the EU actively promotes Arab war against Israel, not simply war, but acts of mass murder against Jewish civilians. It funds the "Palestinian Authority" in the amount of some 480 million euros, that is, the equivalent of more than 1/2 billion dollars per year. PLO/PA violations of agreements with Israel are overlooked, as are the stipulations of the "road map" which the EU itself is a party to. Consider the road map provision that terrorist groups must be disarmed and dismantled. Yet, Britain and France support, whether openly or surreptitiously, Hamas control of the PA zones.

Meanwhile, in Europe itself, EU governments use state-owned communications media to slander Israel and the Jews, thus inciting local Muslims, who outnumber Jews in both France and the UK, to attack Jews. For example, state-owned TV in France has agitated against Israel which has led to hundreds of attacks against local Jews by local Muslims. The latest case is the murder of Ilan Halimi, kidnapped and tortured and left for dead by a mainly Muslim gang. Indeed, France2, the TV broadcaster, fostered the legend of the death of the Arab boy in Gaza, Muhammad al-Dura, by the shots of Israeli troops. About five French Jews have been murdered by French Muslims since broadcast of the Muhammad al-Dura hoax in the fall of the year 2000.

However, not only is the EU Judeophobic, but it now turns out that it is the enemy of its own traditional peoples and their freedoms. This has appeared in the Danish cartoon affair. Denmark has not been supported against worldwide Muslim efforts to attack and punish the whole Danish nation for cartoons published originally by one newspaper. Denmark has not benefitted from EU solidarity. Instead, the EU foreign policy establishment, led by Javier Solana, has sought to kowtow and humiliate itself before Muslim, especially Arab, rage, and to adapt itself to Islamic views of how the world and society should be run. Solana traveled to Saudi Arabia --a country that enforces Quranic law [the Shari`ah] against non-Muslims within its territory-- to meet the secretary-general of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Ihsanoglu. Solana does not regularly complain against the humiliations and injustices against the non-Muslims in Arabia, representing the dhimma system, much like the apartheid system in South Africa, although based more on religion than on skin color or biological race. Instead, Solana goes there to appease Muslim prejudices. The English-language Saudi paper, Arab News, greeted him in an insulting manner: "Don't you think that you should have come four months ago?" Solana went to appease the Arabs and Muslims in their outbursts of rage over the cartoons.

Ihsanoglu gave Solana five proposals that would have gravely curtailed freedom in Europe, just incidentally humiliating the Europeans. And Solana did not reject these proposals out of hand. According to LeFigaro [2-14-06], they were:
1- the European Parliament in Strasbourg must "vote laws against Islamophobia" [The Arabs and Muslims of the OIC don't seem to mind their own Judeophobia and Christianophobia. The Judeophobia, by the way, is often expressed in newspaper cartoons.];
2- the EU and the OIC must "support a resolution at the UN which should be inspired by existing resolutions combatting defamation of religions." [A resolution against defamation of religion, including Judaism, may or may not exist at the UN, but if there is one, it has never been enforced against the Arabs who defame Judaism all the time.];
3- It is necessary "to adopt a code of conduct for the European media which takes account of Muslim sensitivities." [Indeed, let's all be sensitive, even to Muslims. But would the Muslims be pleased if reciprocity were demanded from them, since the Muslim media are constantly insensitive to non-Muslims?];
4- The UN must adopt "an international communications code" which "should define the limits of freedom of expression in the domain of religious symbols." [Perhaps the Arabs could demonstrate how such a code should work by enforcing respect for the symbols of other religions in their own state-controlled media. Doesn't Solana know what the Arab/Muslim cartoonists do in their own countries to insult other religions and non-Muslim peoples?]
5- The article in Le Figaro speaks of "five proposals to protect the Islamic religion" that Ihsanoglu supposedly made to Solana. However, the article in fact only presents four proposals. Was the reporter counting wrong or was there a fifth proposal that French readers might have found so repellent that they would have been angered against Solana and the Arabs, and therefore that proposal was left out?
Whether there were five or only four proposals, the four published in LeFigaro were on the whole so outrageous and so hypocritical on the part of the Arabs and the OIC that Solana should have left the Arab domain at that point and not continued on his trip to Egypt, Jordan, and the "palestinian authority" zones. The state-controlled press in those countries offends constantly in the ways mentioned above. Solana should have rejected the proposals out of hand and gone home right away. But he was the one who initiated his trip and he probably knew what he would meet up with. So he kept up his mission of self-humiliation. He told a press conference that the EU had advised its members to use "the UN human rights commission." This is another Solanian insult to the intelligence, another sign of "human-rights" mania. It would be hilarious if it were not so sad that an influential politician can talk such absurdities.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia behind the Islamic Cartoon Rage -- US State Department [Condoleeza Rice & Co.] Does Not Seem to Know, Blaming Only Syria and Iran
Just by the way, the article in LeFigaro brings another little detail, a little factoid, that is of interest in a different way. Condoleeza Rice, US Secretary of State, charged Syria and Iran with fomenting the Muslim rage, the furor islamicus, over the Danish Muhammad cartoons. They had done this, she said, in order to divert attention from their own disputes with the international community and to generally foment trouble [in Iran's case, the issue of producing an atomic bomb, in particular; in Syria's case, the murder of Rafiq Hariri, especially]. Dr Rice's charge was no doubt true. But LeFigaro tells us what she left out. "The OIC has been at the head of the protests since the second publication of the drawings by a Norwegian newspaper on 10 January." But the OIC has its headquarters in Saudi Arabia, the Land of Our Good Friends the Saudis. So it wouldn't be nice to complain about the role of the OIC, nor would it be nice to complain about the role of Egypt either, since Egypt is another Good Friend of the USA. Nevertheless, the former Egyptian ambassadress to Denmark, one Mona Omar Attia, incited Islamic violence against Denmark. On 3 February 2006, after Danish PM Rasmussen held a meeting with Islamic ambassadors in order to calm the waters, Miss Attia declared that Rasmussen's words were insufficient and that "his country must do more in order to placate the whole Muslim world" [Il Foglio, 21 Febbraio 2006, insert 1]. "No one in the world can make believe," she said, "that he can't intervene with his own media." Two months before, after the cartoons had been published in the Egyptian paper, al-Fajr, without eliciting a reaction, she threatened the Danish government that she would bring the episode of the cartoons to the attention of the Muslim masses throughout the world. "I am very offended and very angered by these drawings," she said. And she warned the Danes not to underestimate "the power of the Islamic world, when it wants to make an economic boycott, too." And lastly, she was the one who made contacts with the Arab League for a group of Muslim clerics from Denmark to present the argument for joint action against Denmark and to agitate the mobs. She got the needed visas for them, and one of her proteges, Abu Laban, the imam of Copenhagen, said that, "The Egyptian embassy played a fundamental role" [Il Foglio, 2-21-2006, insert 1]. Yet, Condi Rice didn't want to tell the truth about Our Good Peace-Loving Friends in Egypt.

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Coming: Le Canard Enchaine on the cartoons and Javier Solana's humiliation of the EU and the West, the Jewish majority in Jerusalem in 1853, poems of Zion, etc.


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