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Emet m'Tsiyon

Friday, March 10, 2006

France's Francophony Movement Caters to Arab/Muslim Prejudices

France is concerned with spreading its cultural and political influence around the world. Other powers do the same. The USA has the USInformation Agency with its libraries and cultural activities in many cities outside the US. The UK has the British Council, Italy has the Dante Alighieri Society, Germany has the Goethe Institute, etc. Since France has gone farther with this cultural outreach program/policy than the others, and it is very political, as we shall see, then its attitude towards Jews and Israel is a matter of concern.

France and other members of the French-speaking, pro-French culture movement have set up the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie [secretary-general, Abdou Diouf, a Muslim African]. Although hundreds of thousands of Israelis have French as their mother tongue, and many Israelis without this background respect French culture, this body has refused to let Israel join. There is only one Jewish state, whereas several Arab states belong to this organization, Lebanon, Syria, the North African states, perhaps Egypt. [if I am not mistaken].

Now, the body has political purposes. These were defined by Brigitte Girardin, France's Minister for Cooperation, Development, and Francophony: preventing crises [a good excuse for imperialist intervention], implanting democracy [France pays lip service to democracy in Syria], respect for human rights [Consider Syria, Morocco, Egypt, etc., members of the Francophony club]. But Israel is not a member. Nevertheless, Brigitte Girardin claims: "Francophony is a beautiful response to the clash of civilization. All the religions, all the civilizations, are found in it. It is the very expression of cultural diversity" [LeFigaro, 15 Fevrier 2006; p 6]. But Israel cannot be a member. Judaism and Jewish civilization are not represented in any way.

Brigitte also goes on to disembowel freedom of speech, in favor of Arab/Muslim prejudices:
"[Question by LeFigaro:] What does the cartoons' crisis make you feel?"
[Answer by B. G.:] "Everything is a question of balance. It is necessary to defend freedom of expression, and at the same time not to make provocations."
Apparently, Brigitte does not consider the gross and ugly Arab cartoons of Jews to be a provocation.
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Special Bonus Feature:
Public Opinion Survey on High European Foreign Policy
Panjandrum, Javier Solana.
Here is your opportunity to express your opinion!!

Do You Agree or Disagree?
Javier Solana is the reincarnation of Pierre Laval [prime minister of France's Vichy government]

1- I agree
2- I disagree
3- Not sure
4- I don't believe in reincarnation, but Solana [= el Sol Negro del Siglo Veinte y Uno = the black sun of the 21st century] resembles Laval more closely than anyone since Laval was shot in 1945
5- Solana does not resemble Pierre Laval in the least
6- Solana is only following orders
7- Solana is the legitimate heir of Franco's foreign minister, Alberto Martin Artajo
8- Solana is a figment of the imagination of Zionist neo-Con Likud supporters
9- Chris Patten is the puppeteer pulling Javier Solana's strings
10- None of the above
11- All of the above

You can send in your answers as comments. Enjoy making your choice!!
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Coming: More on Jews in Jerusalem, poems of Zion, the BBC and genocide, etc.


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